Vera&John Casino leave Australian marketNew online casino laws and legislations are constantly changing and coming in to effect around the world.

“For some time, new online gambling legislation
has been surfacing in Australia.”

As the new online gambling regulations are becoming a reality in Australia, more and more casino operators are considering pulling out of the country. In fact, operators are being forced out of the country or they could face a fine.

The laws and amendments will effectively bar all online gambling other than sports betting making it virtually impossible for existing providers to remain active in the country.

Vera&John leave Australia

One of the largest and most popular online casinos in Australia, Vera&John Casino has made the first move to withdraw from the country. Vera&John’s move has not yet been formally announced on their website, but they have notified their Australian customers about the departure. 

Customers have been made aware that their accounts will be closed and become null and void by the end of 2016. This gives existing customers only a few days to withdraw any funds they still have in their accounts.

Only a few days before Christmas, Australian Vera&John customers received the following email:

“We’re always sorry to say goodbye, but the time has come. Due to a business decision, Vera&John will no longer be able to offer its services in your jurisdiction. Your account will officially be closed in one week.

As of today, you will no longer be able to make deposits to your Vera&John account. Any funds which have not already been removed from your account can still be transferred to your preferred payment provider within the next week.”

Future movements in the market

The departure of Vera&John is only the first of many operators that plan to leave Australia. Operators who choose to continue offering their services once the new laws are in play could face fines as high as $1 million.

Many other casino operators will soon be leaving the country including PokerStars who has already announced that they are planning to leave in the near future.

It still remains to be seen what effect these new laws will have on the Australian economy.