4 tips to become a pro mobile gambler

Published on February 1, 2017 in Casino Tips

Mobile casinos and gamesMobile devices and tablets have taken over the world, more and more people prefer using one of these handy portable devices rather than a laptop or a desktop computer. The main reason for this is because these devices are small and portable allowing you to use it wherever you are. 

The casino industry has a knack for keeping up with the latest trends and following suit which is why it has been able to grow from nothing to a multibillion-dollar industry.

“In recent years, mobile casinos and apps have popped up worldwide enabling players to access their favourite casino games.”

Whether you’re a newcomer to the online casino world or a veteran, here are a few tips and tricks to turn you into a pro mobile gambler.

Tip 1 - Do your research

You’ll have access to a variety of mobile casino sites and mobile apps that’ll point you to the best games from your favourite device. Before you rush into signing up, it is important to do your research. Most sites allow a trial run so it would be best to check them out to see if they suit your individual needs. 

Always check out the site or app and read mobile casino reviews to see how it was rated by other users. This is one of the fastest ways to see whether a site is more bark than bite. You should also make sure that the site is safe and above-board. If you’re already registered at a site on your computer, then you should be able to login from your mobile device too.

Tip 2 - Size does matter

The size of your screen is important as it might affect the quality of your game as well as your entertainment. Always opt for a reasonably big screen, anything above four inches will do.

Even though you have access to a wide variety of games and online casinos there will be some restrictions. Live Dealer games for example will still be best and easier to find when using a computer.

Tip 3 - Charging is key

In a smartphone driven world it might seem redundant to say, but keep your battery charged. There is nothing worse than your phone dying on you mid spin. It would also be wise to shut down all battery eating apps running in the background before you start a game.

Tip 4 - Turn off all notifications

One of the most annoying things when focusing on a big win is being interrupted by a silly notification or even a phone call. These things can especially become a bother when you are taking part in interactive mobile tournaments. Adjust your notifications settings in such a way that you know you can play without disturbance.