Premier League: Understanding the Odds and betting like a pro

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on April 27, 2018 in Casino Tips

Premier League Betting TipsThe Premier League is a sports event that continues to grow each year. For avid sports fanatics it is common knowledge that this is one of the world’s most competitive football league. 

For online casino gamblers the Premier League is another opportunity to make some extra bets and winnings.

While this may be the case it can also be said that betting on the Premier League is quite challenging for both novice and serious football bettors. 

What is the Premier League?

The English Premier League is ranked as the top tier of English Football. It is watched across the globe by over 4 billion people. For bettors this is another excuse to cast extra bets while getting some football action. 

Understanding the odds

It is important to understand the odds if you want to maximize your chances of winning. You’ll find that bookmakers offer odds on almost everything regarding the Premier League football. 

Outright bets (bets placed on the outcome of the entire league) can be placed on individual Premier League games as well as Both Teams to Score bets. 

Then there are also various bets that can be placed on Individual matches.

Some of the most popular bets include Match Result 1x2, Asian Handicap and Goal Total Over/Under. 

  • Match Result 1x2 – a bet placed on the outcome of the game which can be Home win, Draw or Away win. 
  • Asian Handicap – Choosing a winner with each competing team who will carry a goals handicap
  • Goal Total Over/Under – Choosing whether the teams will be Over/Under on a specified number of goals. 

Title Odds

There is also betting opportunities for players to choose which Premier League club will win the Premier League title. These are generally referred to as Premier League Title Odds. 

The odds to win the league will be different with each bookmaker and if you wish to stand the best chance at winning money then you’ll have to do a little bit of research to find the best odds available. 

The top 4 Odds

Then there is also the Top 4 race which provides sport fans with heaps of entertainment and bettors with suspense. This betting option allows you to predict which four teams will be playing the Champions League the next season. 

The top 4 odds is no doubt one of the biggest betting markets. It’s relatively easy to understand as players simply need to choose which teams they think will finish Top 4. Luckily there are various other versions of this betting option including Top 2 and Top 6 odds where the same idea is implemented. 

Then there are also Not to Finish Top 4 or 6 Odds which allows players to choose the teams they think are less likely to make it to the end of the league. 

A plus for avid sports bettors

For those who keep a close eye on their sports while enjoying frequent betting the Top Goal scorer Odds bet is a favourite. With this option players get to bet on an individual they think are more likely to score the most goals. 

6 Top Tips to bet like a pro

  • Only place bets when there is value
  • Make use of consistent betting methods
  • Keep record of your bets ( the more detail added the better)
  • Make use of a variety of bookmakers (more winning opportunity)
  • Choose markets (odds) to specialize in. 
  • Do your research on the teams and results predictions