Practice Black Magic with EvoPlay’s fully 3D Necromancer slot

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on September 9, 2018 in Industry News

EvoPlay Necromancer SlotWith technology advancing at such a rapid speed everything around us is evolving.  

For online gamblers the technological advancement brings even bigger and better gaming opportunities.  

Software providers have the ability to create even better online casino slots than ever before.

One such provider, EvoPlay, even managed to release a fully realized online slot in 3D which will definitely bring VR players tons of joy.  

A new world awaits 

This brand new game is guaranteed to change the way you look at online gambling. The slot comes with the best graphic quality which will help transport you into a three dimensional world of magic and Warlock rituals.  

Necromancer was released about two months ago and this 5 reels and 40 paylines slot is something else. All you need to escape reality and enter the dark world of glorious magic is your phone and a VR helmet.  

The slot is designed in HTML5 3D technology which gives you a 360 game experience you can get lost in. The best part is that you’ll have the ability to move the camera and change the view whenever you feel like it. And you can play the slot on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. When playing the game on your smartphone you can indulge in a full VR experience directly in your browser.  

One of the first things you’ll notice when loading the slot is that a lot of effort and time was dedicated to the plot and the features of the slot. The great thing about this is that the design is so captivating it’s easy to get lost and forget about real life for a few spins.  

As the name suggest the slot has a magic theme and toys with the idea of practicing black magic and communicating with the deceased. This is done by summoning their spirits as apparitions and while it might sound spooky experiencing it in VR is something completely different.  

With Halloween around the corner you’ll definitely want to grab your VR headset and take part in this exciting gameplay as it is the first of its kind.  

While playing this completely unique slot you can enjoy a wide range of fun bonus features including stacked symbols, a re-spins feature and a free spins feature. The game is considered to be of low to medium volatility so you can expect wins to be triggered fairly easily.  

Be among the first to try this life changing VR online slot 

EvoPlay is known for their range of exquisite and high quality games they’ve created over the years. However with the release of Necromancer EvoPlay is definitely expected to become an even bigger hit among players.  

If you’ve been dying to try something completely different and unique then Necromancer is the game for you.  

It’s time to grab your VR headset and find your nearest EvoPlay online casino to power up a Black Magic adventure.