Online gambling proves its worth in Denmark

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on March 23, 2017 in Industry News

Online casinos in DenmarkOnline gambling has proven to be a big hit as well as a huge boost to the economy in Denmark during 2016 without harming the land-based casino industry. 

Whenever online gambling becomes legal in a new jurisdiction, it's always the fear that land-based casinos will take a knock.

While online gambling has increased significantly throughout 2016 in Denmark, land-based casinos haven't suffered.

Numbers on the rise 

The total profit of online gambling and sports betting combined cumlinated in a whopping $5.3 billion for 2016. This number has increased by an impressive 13% since 2015. 

It's due to impressive jumps in total earnings such as this that the Danish gambling regulator, Spillemyndigheden, has urged that online casino operations be expanded. 

As one of the largest boosts to the gambling market in Denmark, Spillemyndigheden insists that the expansion of the online casino industry can only benefit the country.

Casino games of choice 

A wide range of casino games played an important role in boosting the online casino uptake with slots coming in first place. Thanks to a huge variety of slots being available by top software providers, it's no surprise that online slots are ultimately what punters choose to play the most. 

It's estimated that 72% of online gambling profits derived from customers enjoying the thrill of spinning the reels of online slots

Sports betting has also become increasingly popular showing an 8.8% jump in figures since 2015. 

After a terrible Q3, online poker also showed a significant improvement towards the end of the year. While not a front runner in the earnings race, online poker is slowly gaining ground once again. 

All in all, land-based casinos are not suffering in any way thanks to online casinos and it seems that the online industry is here to stay (and grow) in Denmark.