Published by CasinoTopsOnline on January 7, 2016 in Industry News

Gambling innovations in 2016Technology grows, develops, and changes every single day. These changes and developments are the reasons we can predict what companies who use this technology will do next. It’s also thanks to these technologies and the new developments on the horizon that we can be guaranteed of great things for the online gambling industry in 2016.

Mobile development

One of the largest areas that many online gambling companies will focus on this year is the expansion into the mobile market. Many online casinos have already created and updated their mobile sites or even created mobile apps for their customers. However, there are still many online casinos and game creators who have yet caught up with this inevitable market. The use of mobiles for leisure, work and gambling is already a reality; to ignore this would be foolish.

Cyber currency

As the newest generation of technology users grows into customers which can start betting on their favourite sports or playing their favourite casino games, the world of online gambling changes. Not only with regards to the technology being used to access this market, but the money being spent while doing so. It has been predicted that betting sites may start to include virtual currencies for wagering such as Bitcoin.

Innovative products and hindrances

Research and target marketing shows that in order to keep customers coming back for more, the online gambling industry needs to offer a new and exciting products. Whether these products will include steps in the world of virtual reality is yet to be seen. Especially with young markets still waiting to be tapped such as that found in Latin America.

Of course not every expansion will be easy. There are many online gambling markets that will struggle to expand due to jurisdictions. The 2016 election in the US will definitely see some of these issues highlighted, while Europe faces issues such as high taxes and licensing fees. 

No matter how technology expands or not, 2016 is bound to be a stellar year for online gambling.