New Casumo Casino player takes home €2.9 million mobile jackpot!

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on July 12, 2016 in Big Winners, Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune big winner at Casumo CasinoOnline casino punters from all around the world play for hours and hours just to land a single win. Well, if you believe in destiny, then this Casumo Casino player was meant to be big winner from the very first tap on his mobile device.

Swedish Casumo Casino punter nabbed a mind-blowing win of €2,971,469.79 jackpot while playing Mega Fortune on his mobile, but the most amazing part of the entire tale is that it happened only 1 hour after signing up for his account! The chances are extremely slim, but when he started a bonus round on the Mega Fortune slot with a €1.25 bet, big wins were his to claim.

The start of a winning journey

We all have to start somewhere and after hearing that his friend had won some cash, David decided to try it out for himself and a quick search found him at Casumo Casino!

“I was at home with my girlfriend with nothing special to do. A few weeks before, a friend of mine told me he had won a little money playing online casino and we thought, what the heck, why not?” After deciding on Casumo Casino, David and his girlfriend soon signed up for an account and made their first deposit.

While choosing Casumo was David’s first smart decision, stumbling upon the Mega Fortune slot was his next great choice.

After sharing the duties of tapping the SPIN button, the couple soon found themselves with only €9 left in their bank. It was at this moment that the bonus round was triggered and the winnings started rolling in.

David and his girlfriend were perplexed by the winnings. “We had absolutely no clue what was going on or how the bonus wheel worked. Then it finally stopped and on the screen we saw a bunch of numbers ticking. It was so unreal. I got a shiver down my spine as if there was something unbelievable going on, but we just couldn’t understand if we’d won or how much, so I took a screenshot and sent it to my friend.” 

After asking a few important questions, David’s friend soon realised that they had won a whopping €2.9 million in real cash and not free-to-play games! Now that David and his girlfriend are extremely wealthy, he is more than happy with not having to worry about expenses and he’ll be sharing some of his winnings with his family too. He also plans to purchase a new home.

Casumo Casino big winners

David is definitely the luckiest Casumo Casino mobile winner with this jackpot being the largest via their mobile site to date. Before now, a Casumo Casino UK punter took home €2.7 million in winnings and in 2013, a Finnish player won an impressive €3.3 million.

Will you be Casumo’s next big winner? Sign up and start spinning now!