Published by CasinoTopsOnline on December 21, 2015 in Industry News

Responsible gamblingGambling in any form is as much about discipline as it is about luck and knowing your opponent. While placing the perfect bet at the opportune time is a good way to win, the only way to stay a winner is by practicing self-control.

One of the most common tips for gambling safely is to set oneself a limit and then be sure to stick to it. It’s all too easy to chase the win when your luck has seemingly run dry, but that can also be the number one way to end up with nothing at all.

Due to this being a common issue in the world of gambling, whether it be sport, horses, slots, or any other casino game, studies are constantly being run. The aim of most of these studies is to better understand and hopefully solve the problems before they arise and to promote responsible gambling.

Player Awareness Systems

Recently, at the annual Responsible Gambling Trust conference held by the Association of British Bookmakers, a platform called the Player Awareness System (or PAS) was unveiled. Research by the Responsible Gambling Trust was used to create this platform and the study’s primary focus is on avoidance of gambling related problems.

Algorithms have been created that will monitor players as they use betting machines to determine whether or not players display problematic behaviours. The displayed behaviours are measured against a range of known gambling issues. A number of analytical algorithms are then used to determine that specific player’s state. The Responsible Gambling Trust said that the analytical algorithms “will lead to a more effective processes for each operator as best practice and findings are shared.”

The Association of British Bookmakers chief executive, Malcolm George commented, “This is an important and innovative step in our programme of activity to promote responsible gambling.”