Mobile gambling: How to play like a pro

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on November 23, 2016 IN Casino Tips

Mobile gambling tipsMobile devices are used for just about anything as most people prefer to do things on the go. From accessing social media sites to playing at your favourite casino sites like Guts Casino, you can do it all from that little electronic device in your hand. 

Mobile casinos are popping up everywhere to meet the needs of eager players by providing the best games and offers.

If you’re new to mobile casinos or perhaps you’re a long-time player in need of some good tips, then checkout the list we’ve created especially for you.

  1. It’s not just about apps - Mobile casino apps are not the only method of accessing your favourite casino games. Many online casinos now allow players to access their gaming library directly from a browser. That means with the click of a button you’ll have direct access to the casino without having to spend any unnecessary data on downloading the app first.
  2. Play the field - Don’t be blindsided by the massive welcome bonuses a casino has to offer, play around on a few different sites to make sure you choose the right one to commit to. Most mobile casinos offer a free play version of their games so you can safely test the software before taking the plunge. This way you can also make sure that your device is supported by the software to avoid lag and disappointments.
  3. Read reviews - Each online casino tries to advertise themselves as the best in the business and promises you the best service and quickest pay-outs. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. It would be wise and beneficial to do some research by reading casino reviews to ensure that their players are indeed 100% satisfied.
  4. Keep your account - If you already have an account for a certain online casino you won’t need to create a new account just to play on your mobile device. To gain access to the casino via your mobile you can simply insert your existing username and password and continue your online adventure on the go. Always make sure the app or link is legit by visiting the main site or contacting the customer service team.
  5. Bigger is better - It is best to play online casino games on mobile devices with bigger screens. Smaller screens don’t always make the cut and could keep you from the desired experience. Any device under four inches could become a potential problem and mood spoiler.
  6. Variety is key - Mobile casino apps and sites might become more popular but they don’t always offer the full experience you’re used to on your desktop computer. As mobile casinos are still quite new there are a few things such as Live Dealer games that won’t always be available. Until the gambling industry has found a way to beat these limitations you’ll only be able to access certain features and larger varieties on your desktop.
  7. Charge it up - There is nothing worse than being on a lucky streak of big wins only to have your battery die on you. Mobile casinos might not use extensive amounts of battery power but apps running in the background might just keep you from that jackpot win. Close all running apps, keep an eye on your battery level, and a charger nearby. Just in case.
  8. The sweet escape - It would be best to play in an interruption free environment especially if you partake in one of the many interactive mobile tournaments available. You don’t want to lose your focus on things as trivial as a Facebook notification. Make sure you disable all notifications or apps that might become a nuisance on your jackpot journey.

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