Mobile devices increased online casino activity in 2016

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on March 13, 2017 IN Industry News

Mobile casino industryIt’s no secret that the use of mobile phones and tablets has increased rapidly over the last few years. The increased usage of mobile devices has also led to an increase in people playing at mobile casinos during 2016.

"Mobile casino games are better than ever with high-definition quality, sound, and amazing bonus features."

Online casino gaming has been a popular pastime since the early 2000’s when laptops were still the best mobile device on the market. The birth of smartphones led to a decrease in laptop use as the tiny mobile devices could do almost everything a laptop could. 

Mobile devices are smaller and more compact and allow users to perform almost any task from anywhere without carrying extra weight or taking up space. The easy access to the internet via mobile devices has also created a huge boost in the online casino industry.

Mobile casino games

Mobile games have always existed and even back in the early 2000’s players could indulge in fun, simplistic games. The earlier mobile games were quite restrictive and because of this most people didn’t really use their phones for playing games. Most people only used mobiles as a device to contact someone in case of emergency or to obtain information.

With the improvement of technology and smartphones being capable of holding more data, it has become possible to create bigger and better games with added benefits and features. Mobile phones are now used for almost everything and playing casino games have become a favourite pastime.

Mobile users have access to unlimited mobile casino games from their selected app stores as well as directly from their browser. Mobile devices now come with solid internet connections which allow online casino players to access their favourite online slots and table games from anywhere at any time.

Added benefits

The increased use of mobile phones, combined with the advancement of technology and smartphones, has allowed online gaming operators to create mind-blowing products that meet the needs of the players. 

With mobile devices being in hand 24/7 there are a lot more people who exploit the opportunity of playing and discovering new games. Online casino player numbers are rising as more mobile users prefer games that come with benefits.

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