Published by CasinoTopsOnline on March 12, 2015 in Industry News

Microgaming Mobile GamingMicrogaming is well known today as one the best online casino game providers globally. What makes their story exceptional is that they are not recent adopters who came into an existing market and piggybacked their success off the lessons of others.

Microgaming is one of the companies who forged the online casino sector we know today. In 1994 they launched the first ever online casino!

When the idea of people playing casino games on their computers, on this strange this called the internet the forward thinking heads of Microgaming were envisioning the world we take for granted today. 

Their success is an ongoing drive to deliver a premier product to their consumers, and a dogged determination to never shy away from new technology.

The first massive mind set change in this realm was seeing mobile as a viable gambling platform – what seems a no-brainer today was unheard of a decade ago. It took vision and determination to pivot from personal computer based gambling only to launching the industry’s first mobile casino

Roger Raatgever, CEO of Microgaming, quotes H2 Gambling Capital stats which claim that online gambling is expected to “grow by 9 per cent in 2016 to £26billion, with mobile carving out a 39 per cent market share”. 

Microgaming effectively spearheaded an industry sector projecting to be worth over £10billion!

Reinforcing this position as ‘early adopters’ Roger Raatgever went on to elaborate on their research into the application of the next evolution of mobile gaming, virtual and wearable technology: 

“Operating in a world where technology is at the epicentre, we believe wearables are poised to offer a unique gambling experience. We’ve studied hard and we believe each technology suits a different type of gaming.”

Some examples of the technology Microgaming is currently developing for includes:

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality: Microgaming has already developed a prototype online slot integration for the Oculus Rift VR headset which will allows the user to experience a full 360-degree view with interactive elements. In addition they just compiled a 3D roulette game “set in an expansive space scene that used advanced natural motion controls, allowing the player to place chips using their hands.”

Google Glass technology: Much like with the Oculus Rift, Microgaming has a product in testing which makes use of the Google Glass technology. Roger Raatgever commented that they have “developed a sports betting application for the original Google Glass, merging the in-play betting experience with live game action via augmented reality.”

Microsoft HoloLens: The HoloLens (aka Holographic Goggles) is being lauded as ‘Microsoft getting right what Google got wrong’ so it should come as no surprise that Microgaming is already developing a betting integration for a product that hasn’t even been launched yet. Watch this space for more developments by Microgaming for the HoloLens.

Smartwatch technology: For something a little less pie-in-the-sky look no further than your own wrist. Microgaming have successfully overcome the hurdles of “platform type, form factor and screen size” with their successful launch of evergreen slot game Thunderstruck on the Samsung Gear smartwatch. Next up, getting it live on Apple Watches!

Never a company to rest on their laurels Microgaming have made the one pivotal mind-set change which can easily hamper a technology company looking to increase their market share – it is about the people, not about the software or the platform.

Their ongoing success speaks for itself.