Microgaming brings virtual reality to online casinos

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on March 3, 2016 in Industry News

Technology is always evolving and growing. It’s an exciting world that changes to suit our needs, wants, and fantasies. At times it changes into things we had no idea we even wanted or needed!

Thankfully there are brilliant companies out in the world like Microgaming who take the technology already available and turn it into something magical. In this case, Microgaming is riding the new wave of mind-blowing online gambling advances and bringing the wonder of virtual reality to online casinos.

How does virtual reality work?

In order to experience the true wonder of virtual reality, a special device must be worn over the eyes that works in conjunction with another device or cell phone. The device has multiple displays which turns our world into a 3D virtual experience that can see you exploring an unknown planet, running from dinosaurs or even sitting in a virtual casino.

While devices such as these already exist, including the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, Microgaming has harnessed these devices to create something completely new. Visitors at the recent ICE Totally Gaming were able to experience the CRYO lab for themselves. Created as a “futuristic room”, the CRYO lab was available and enabled visitors to experience Microgaming’s first virtual reality product, VR Roulette, using the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion 3D controller.

Microgaming’s first virtual reality casino game is VR Roulette and is still under development. Unfortunately, there is no release date set just yet, but be sure to keep an eye on CasinoTopsOnline.com for more information once it’s available. Soon, real-money virtual reality betting will be available for all, but for now, Microgaming has released apps on Google Play and the Apple iStore.

Ahead of the curve

Always looking to stay ahead of its competitors, Microgaming is set to lead the way in the virtual reality world of online casino gaming. Take a look at the video and find out how Microgaming intends to “pioneer the future” of online gambling.