Lottoland will stay despite Australia’s recent ban on lottery betting websites

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on July 4, 2018 IN Industry News

Australia Lotto Bet BanThere are many things that can be said about the online gambling industry but it can never be called boring. 

Since it all started over a decade ago there’s been constant changes and improvements to the industry. 

One thing that hasn’t changed much over the years is the constant battle in legalities regarding online gambling.

Take Australia for example, it’s a country filled with promise and tons of pokie lovers to support the growth of an in-house gambling market. But in recent years the Australian government has opted to tighten its grip on most online gambling activities. 

A Ban on lottery betting websites

In a recent vote by Australian parliament online lottery betting has been banned. Which means punters will no longer be allowed to wager on international lotteries. 

According to the latest news regarding the vote the blacklisting of sites will only start taking place from January 1st 2019. However from the start of 2019 any and all sites offering international lotteries will be prohibited from serving Aussie players. 

The key reason behind the change in legislation was brought on by a cry from all the pubs, clubs and other public spots that still sell traditional lottery tickets.

They called on the government to take action as they feared losing out on sales because of online lottery betting sites. 

Lottoland to be hit the hardest

It’s no secret that Lottoland or more specifically the Australian branch will be most affected by the recent change in legalities. The company was heard saying that they would continue operating even if it will now be without the traditional lottery betting it is known for. 

In response to the vote Luke Brill, Lottoland CEO, stated that their company is already looking at other ways they can continue offering choice to the massive 700,000 Australians that has been making use of their site for the past two years. 

Brill expressed his disappointment in the Senate’s decision as it clearly lacked consideration for consequences for Lottoland customers but also for competition and innovation. The legislation is also considered bad news for Australian news agents as it will now be left to the mercy of Tatts Group that is currently owned by Tabcorp. 

The Lottoland CEO was also clear on the fact that the new regulations does not mean the end of Lottoland Australia. The company is determined to stay and will find new and innovative ways to adapt in order to keep serving Australian customers. Brill said customers can expect a range of new exciting and innovative products coming soon. 

The last laugh

The Lottoland CEO made it clear that the will continue to offer their lottery betting products to the Australian market until the legislation comes into effect. 

While Australia has been rather serious about clamping down on gambling throughout the country it’s nice to see some push back. 

It will be exciting to see what developments will come from the latest legislation changes and Lottoland’s determination to remain open to Australian users.