Loaded 600-year-old Medieval dice found in Norway

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on April 23, 2018 in Industry News

Medieval Dice for CheatersGambling in any form as always been about the luck of the draw, the roll of the dice, or how skilled you can be with a deck of cards.

For as long as people have been playing games with the hopes of winning money, there have been those that have tried to trick the system.

The earliest evidence of gambling dates all the way back to 2300bc. Games of chance are recorded as being in enjoyed by people from all walks of life in Ancient China! In 500bc, historians have found the first mention of dice games after a pair of dice was found in an Egyptian tomb.

If you’re interested in truly old dice, it’s speculated the oldest in the world currently is a pair found in Iranian that is almost 5000 years old.

Medieval dice for cheaters

Recently, during excavations in the city of Bergen in Norway, a very interesting dice has been uncovered.

What researchers believe to be a “dodgy” dice or loaded dice has been found buried beneath the city! Dating more than 600 years old, the dice has two sets of the number 5 and two sets of the number 4. 

It’s believed that this dice was in fact used to cheat while playing one of the more popular dice games of the time. It just goes to show that cheating has always been a reality!

Archaeologist Ingrid Rekkavik discussed the fascinating find on her Norwegian blog. In the blog, Rekkavik discusses the possibility that the dice was used while playing a game called “passe-dix”.

The aim of passe-dix was to roll 3 dice and aim for a total of 10. The first player to land less than 10 was the loser. By using a loaded dice such as the one found during the excavation, winning was almost guaranteed every time.

In fact, the game was so popular and had become such a wide-spread problem, that the government of the time put a ban on it entirely. The 1278 City Act meant that being caught would entitle the King’s Ombudsmen to confiscate all money involved and fine the participants. The fine was a whopping 107 grams of silver!

“It’s exciting to imagine this dice’s last game – was the cheater revealed?” wrote Rekkavik. “What happened to the dice? Was it perhaps thrown away by the nervous cheater eager to get rid of evidence? Or was it angrily thrown by an opponent, to where it ended up being found over 600 years later?”

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