Published by CasinoTopsOnline on March 3, 2015 in Casino Tips

Royal Crown BlackjackIf you’re looking for a classic game of Blackjack then look no further than Royal Crown Blackjack exclusive to StarGames Casino. If 21 is your lucky number or you think you can beat the dealer by trusting your gut then Royal Crown Blackjack will not disappoint.

The aim of the game is to get 21 points with only 2 cards or a hand with a higher score than your dealer to win. It’s as simple as that. But beware, don’t push your luck too far or you’ll find yourself with more than 21 points and that means your bet goes straight to the bank, no matter what the dealer’s hand may have been. 

Blackjack is all about testing your luck, trusting your gut and beating the dealer.

How to play Royal Crown Blackjack

When you start your game of Royal Crown Blackjack, you’ll be prompted to select the amount you wish to play in the game. Next you’ll select the exact value of the chips you wish to play using the BET + and BET - buttons.

You get to increase your chances when playing Royal Crown Blackjack by playing with 3 different hands at the same time. Plus you can place different bets for each hand that you play.

Once your bets are placed and you start the game by clicking the DEAL button, each hand will be dealt 2 cards including the dealer - one of which will be facing up. If the dealer is dealt a 10 he will check to see whether or not he has Blackjack. If an Ace card is dealt, the insurance round is activated.

Insurance Round

In the insurance round, you as the player get to insure every active hand that you are currently playing in case the dealer has Blackjack. Insuring a hand you are playing means you’ll pay half of the current bet.

You can also choose to not take insurance on any of the hands you have been dealt. If your dealer has Blackjack and you’ve taken insurance, the payout ratio is 2:1. If you have Blackjack and the dealer does not, your payout ratio will be 3:2. 

If you dealer does not have Blackjack once the insurance round has been completed, you will then play your hands one after the other. This means you get to choose whether to add more cards to your existing hands. You can choose to add as many cards as you like as long as the number of points does not exceed 21. 

There are a few phrases you should know that will greatly affect your hands in play and the outcome of your game. Let’s take a look at them now.

  • Going bust: If you’ve drawn too many cards and the points in your hand are over 21 that is considered ‘going bust’. If all of your hands ‘go bust’, you’ve lost and your bets are transferred to the bank.
  • Doubling: If you choose to double while adding more cards to your hand, you will only receive one extra card before moving on to the next active hand.
  • Splitting: When dealt your first hand, if the value of the cards are the same you can choose to split them into two separate hands. You’ll need to play another bet equal to the amount of the original bet and the dealer will draw another card for each hand. You can only split once and there are a few disadvantages. Namely, if one of the split hands scores 21 with only cards, this does not count as Blackjack. If you split two Aces, you will only be allowed one extra card before having to play your other active hands.
  • Dealer’s turn: Once you have played all of your active hands, it’s the dealer’s turn to reveal their cards. The dealer will draw additional cards until their hand equals 17 points and then a winner will be determined.

Points to Keep in Mind

When tallying up the points on the visible cards, cards with numbers on them are equal to their value. Face cards are worth 10 points each and Ace cards are worth either 1 or 11 points depending on the rest of the current hand being played.

If the score of your hand is more than 21, you lose and the dealer wins. If your score is less than 21 and the dealer goes bust, you win. If nobody has Blackjack but your score is higher than the dealer’s, you win. If your scores are the same, the game is considered a draw and all bets are returned.