Jon Spinks crosses the $3 million mark playing couch poker!

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on February 6, 2018 in Big Winners

 Big win playing couch pokerIt comes as no surprise that poker is still known to be one of the most popular card games in the world. The game considered to be many centuries old has made its way from regular tables to land-based and online casinos

With poker being readily available in all online casinos, players have the luxury of enjoying their favourite strategy game from the comfort of their home.

There's no need to dress up or leave home when the entire gaming experience is brought directly to you.

Lucky winner

One such lucky player, Jon Spinks, has had massive success playing this highly popular game from the comfort of his couch. Spinks has managed to make a living from his Poker games and cashed in on over $3 million in winnings from his games. 

Spinks, known as 'EMSBas' among players, managed to break the $3 million barrier when he cashed in a $845 win at a PartyPoker Powerfest Event. Earlier this year the successful player got close to breaking the mark when he managed to take home a little over $25,000 at a partypoker tournament. 

In the UK alone, Spinks has managed to make his way to number 55 on the winning player list. 

Some might say there is strategy behind his earnings as the player mostly plays mid-stakes games and tends to finish with a few hundred dollars. On some days however, he does manage to strike it lucky and take home bigger amounts of winnings. 

This dynamic poker player has already been listed on Hendon Mob as one of the people who have more than $1 million in live earnings. A big boost to these earnings was the $275,000 he won at a partypoker MILLIONS tournament event in April 2017. 

Spinks has managed to build his reputation while growing his wallet. One of the many achievements below his belt is winning the Triple Crown twice. He also has various six-figure money wins to his credit. EMSBas has also managed to make his way to two WSOP final tables and finished fourth in the $1,500 No Limit Shootout at the 42nd WSOP for $108,000 that took place in June 2011. 

A week before catching that win he managed to finish fourth at the WSOP Seven Card Stud tournament for $35,000.

Achievements by other players

While Spinks' wins have managed to put him directly in the spotlight there are other promising online players that have managed to make some headway in the world of online gaming, and more specifically, poker. 

A Russian player Nsmirnov has been ranked as the 47th best online player in the world. Recently he has managed to bump up his lifetime winnings to just above $2 million. He also managed to finish January with 38 wins which included a $12,000 pickup on PokerStars. 

Another poker player from Chile, Javier 'Ofbravetight' Swett has also managed to play himself into the $2 million club. This dynamic player managed to register 4o cashes in the last week of January. 

These players are slowly but surely making their way towards the $3 million mark and look to be great competition for Spinks.