Published by CasinoTopsOnline on December 27, 2013 in Big Winners

A Vera & John mobile online casino player took home an incredible €40,421 in a great string of wins - four jackpots in under half an hour!

It was Pierre's lucky day, indeed, as he came away a big winner while playing Jack Hammer and Jack Hammer 2 Touch - games with a fun comic book theme.

“It was so surreal!” Pierre explained, adding, “The palms of my hands were sweating to the point that I thought my mobile would slip out of my hands!”

This incredible stroke of mobile casino gaming luck came while Pierre was waiting for his train, which had been delayed. So he pulled out his iPhone and made his way to Vera & John to play some mobile online casino games. He quickly got hooked on Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business and within moments, he'd won an incredible sum of €19,924.

But his luck didn't end there! The hits kept coming and coming! Next, Pierre tried out an older version of Jack Hammer and within seven minutes, he had another stroke of luck when he won €6,565 in a single spin.

Stunned, his winnings now totalled €26,489. But thank goodness Pierre didn't quit while he was ahead. No, he kept playing and pulled in two additional wins of €6,338 and then €7,594.

His total haul? €40,421!...and his train still hadn't arrived yet when he decided to call it quits. This unbelievable string of big jackpot wins probably has Pierre hoping his next train ride will be delayed!

Pierre isn't alone; he's one of the many players who've become big winners after hitting jackpots at Vera & John, one of the web's most popular sites for mobile casino games. And perhaps you could be next! You could turn your next train delay into an incredible win that leaves you stunned, just like Pierre!