Is Bitcoin the answer to your online casino worries?

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on June 21, 2016 in Industry News

Online casinos and BitcoinsOver the years, online industries such as trading, dating and gambling have become quite lucrative. It is understandable seeing as these seem to be much more appealing than any others as the buyer, player or participant has so much more to gain. This has opened a market for innovators to release new platforms, re-invent trading platforms and provide more accessible markets with lower trading costs. Everything is leading back to simplicity, services are progressing day by day, and the world is changing around us including the online gambling industry.

Costs and figures

We are all aware that certain products and services require commissions and fees. These are normally paid by either you or the merchant. Thanks to Bitcoin, this tiring process has become much simpler. Instead of paying the transactions fees to a bank, PayPal or MasterCard or converting your Bitcoins to dollars, you can now use your Bitcoins for gambling at online casinos. Many online casinos are jumping on the bandwagon and allowing you to make your deposits and gamble while using Bitcoin. This results in a better gambling experience as you don’t have to worry about processing fees or currency conversion fees. You can simply plug in and play.

Protecting your privacy

Safety and anonymity are some of the biggest concerns most people have when it comes to online gambling. Players are often worried about leaving a footprint which can violate their credit rating or reduce their chance of getting a decent job. Although times have changed and people have become more open-minded, online gambling is still considered to be something done in private.

A lot of players also prefer to keep their earnings from playing online a secret and not a common fact available to anyone and everyone. This is where Bitcoin could be of great use. Whenever you choose Bitcoin as your gambling currency, you’re fairly “incognito”. You don’t need to provide any personal information about yourself when opening a Bitcoin wallet and by using Bitcoin you can enjoy hours of gambling fun without the fear of it being available to the public eye.

Updated casino games

Thanks to Bitcoin still being quite new, most of the games offered at the casinos where you can use Bitcoin are modern in design and function. Most casinos work on providing you with the latest and best of slots monthly but they also have a library of old, outdated slots that could bring you down. If you’re looking for modern and up to date slots to play, then try playing at a Bitcoin-friendly casino.

Bitcoin seems to be the perfect solution to any worries a gambler might experience. From commission free top ups and cash outs all the way to enhanced privacy levels – Bitcoin offers it all. You are guaranteed to experience the best of the best as these developers are constantly upgrading and sticking to the latest technologies and trends which brings you the highest quality and most rewarding online gambling experience. Try using Bitcoin at a qualifying casino today and you may just be pleasantly surprised.