Published by CasinoTopsOnline on August 19, 2012 IN Casino Tips

The fruit machine is without a doubt one of the greatest 'slot' machines of its generation. It is has forever been one of the most popular inventions as it continues to satisfy our greedy desires with regards to making a fast buck.

In fact, it is not surprising that it has established itself in almost every single country in the world that permits the art of gambling.

As a consequence, it has reached the stage whereby it is known as ‘pokies’ and in others countries such as the UK ‘fruities’.

Nobody really knows how these nicknames came about but at the same time nobody really cares as long as the fruit machines continue to rain money.

Fruit machines or ‘Pub Slots’ are not really slots, but (AWPs), which stands for Amusement With Prizes. Bear in mind that fruit machines are not random like slots and the outcome is not based on a random number generator (RNG) chip inside the machine.

The more money you put in the fruit machine without collecting any wins, the higher the bonus offers will be until the machine is forced to give you the jackpot. Filling up a fruit machine at high stakes and reducing your bet to the minimum will force it to give you a big prize.

Professional fruitie players know when a machine has been filled up by other players, then they go on it and force the top payout out of it. 

Nevertheless, over the past 4 years technology has improved dramatically and ultimately this has had a great impact in the gambling industry and in particular online fruit machines.

It’s crazy right, access to a game of online pokies any time you wish by simply typing in a web address. It’s truly something that many fruties players did not expect to happen and brought about unimaginable amounts of pleasure to day’s society.

Now, every single person in this universe is capable of making masses of profits without even having to leave his place of residence. The advancement literally brought ‘online pokies’ which is an upgrade of the original fruit machine except is now accessible via the internet.

There is now a substantial profit to be made due to the increased jackpots meaning every time a players is lucky enough to win, he/she receives instant gratification.

Online versions of fruit machines offer much bigger jackpots compared to the fruities in pubs and other places throughout the UK. The big difference is that land-based fruit machines return to player percentage (RTP) can be set as low as 70%, while online fruities are set between 90% and 95%.

Another difference is the maximum win possible at online vs land-based fruit machines. While brick and mortar fruities offer jackpots from 100 to 1000 per total bet, online fruities can produce anything between 100 and 10,000 per total bet.

With a maximum bet of 10 credits and 10,000x bet jackpots, online fruit machines can really make you rich if you get lucky and play the machine at the right time and with the right stake.