Published on January 27, 2015 in Casino Tips

Roulette TableIf you’re a beginner, roulette is considered one of the best and easiest games to play. The rules are as simple as choosing a number, row or colour and letting lady luck decide the rest. 

Many online casinos offer some form of roulette and it can be hard to decide which casino is right for you.

Consider these factors before making your final choice. And when in doubt, you can always try out the free version that most online casinos offer before deciding.

Live Roulette

If you want to take the plunge into playing roulette in a live casino then live online roulette is the perfect way to start.

When playing live online roulette you’re connected to the game via a live video link. This is the most social option as you’re able to communicate with the dealer and also other players.

American, European 

There are three variations of roulette tables. You can either choose to play the American or European form of the game.

While almost identical there are a couple of small rule changes that can make a huge difference. The European variation of roulette benefits the player by having only a single zero. This minor change cuts the house edge from 5.3% to 2.7%.

The third variation is French roulette. This form of the game is very similar to European roulette except that it has a slightly different table layout and additional bets on the racetrack area, which correspond to different groups of numbers.

Roulette on the move

There are certain casinos that may offer a mobile version or app of your favourite version of roulette. 

Not all casinos offer this service though so be sure to check that there is a mobile version available (and that it works on your device) if you’re intending to play on the go.

Betting Limits

Different casinos offer different betting limits. It’s extremely important to make sure that you know exactly what these limits are before committing yourself to play at one particular casino.

Be sure that the table you’ve chosen has limits you can afford. Don’t be forced into playing in a way that you wouldn’t normally due to betting sums that are too low or too high.

Flash vs Download

The majority of online casinos offer you the choice of whether you want to play at their casino using Flash Player or to download their particular software onto your PC.

If you choose to download the casino’s software you’re generally confined to playing on your main computer so that all of your details are stored for whenever you want to play.

It also means that your preferred casino can offer you the very best graphics quality and great connection stability. The initial download can be quite large so be sure to check exactly what will be needed before clicking install.

Flash gaming is often preferred by players who like to use multiple machines or who aren’t keen on having their computers cluttered with extra software.

The downside of choosing the instant play option is that every game you play needs to be loaded each time you choose to log in.

In can be a drain on internet or data plans that aren’t unlimited. Even though you’re not downloading a huge casino software file, the loading and streaming of the games does require a constant internet connection.

Be sure to check all of the options before choosing how you play.