How to make casino comps work for you

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on October 18, 2016 in Casino Tips

Casino compsIf you’re new to the world of casinos, you may have heard the term “comps” without knowing entirely what they can do for you. We’re going to take a closer look at why casino comps are not only important, but also offer a great way to get the most out of your preferred online casino.

What are casino comps?

Casino comps are basically gifts or bonuses that online casinos can offer their customers in order to help them boost their bankroll and encourage new players to sign up for the first time. Casino comps are a way of rewarding loyal players for all of the time and money they spend at a specific online casino.

Whether you’re playing at a land-based casino or rolling the virtual dice at an online casino, it’s important to discover whether or not your chosen establishment offers comps before you start playing. There are different forms of comps on offer depending on where you play. Often VIP customers will get their own casino comps in order to encourage them to keep playing at their current rate.

Online casino comps

From the moment you register at your chosen online casino, the system will track how often you play, which games you play, and how you deposit among other things. These things are tracked in order to ensure that you’re playing safely and that you receive comps and bonus offers that suit you.

Most loyalty programs that can offer comps use a point-based system which updates depending on the games you play. Certain games will increase your points more quickly and that means greater rewards. As players such as yourself accumulate points, you may find yourself rising through the ranks of your online casino’s rewards program. These levels throughout the program determine what sort of comps you’ll receive, how often you’ll be rewarded, and whether or not you qualify for extra rewards.

Online casinos often allow players to exchange the points earned for bonuses, prizes, and even physical items such as gadgets and clothing.

Casino loyalty programs are not the only way to earn comps. The majority of online casinos have a constant influx of new bonuses and promotions constantly on offer. The most popular new player promotion is the reload bonus. This encourages players to sign up for the first time and be rewarded by simply making their first deposit. This comp may be accompanied by free spins on popular slots or other opportunities to earn something for free.

Comps for VIPs

VIP loyalty programs at online casinos are extremely popular. If you’re a high roller with a love for betting big and winning big, then always be sure to double check what the criteria are for joining an online casino’s VIP program. 

One of the main perks when playing as a high roller or VIP at an online casino is the opportunity to earn the best comps. In order to keep VIPs happy, online casinos will ensure that the comps on offer are worth the while of even the most impressive player. Rewards, perks, bonuses, and promotions will be offered at a higher rate and often with a much better outcome for players.

Exclusive offers and bonuses are always on offer and they give players the chance to truly experience the life of a high roller. Comps are the perfect way to make a VIP feel like they are truly appreciated. There are often times that these comps take the form of more than just reload bonuses and cash-back offers, but instead VIPs can find themselves invited to exclusive events, sports games, and more!

Land-based casino comps

The basis of the comp system had to start somewhere and that was at land-based casinos, long before online casinos existed. Often more personal than online casinos, the floor managers could speak directly to players that were monitored closely. The comps on offer could range from meals at the best restaurants at the casino, rooms at the nearby hotels, exclusive tournament entries, or bonus points on loyalty programs. 

Most land-based casinos now monitor players and their activities much like online casinos can by players using an electronic card for every game and transaction. Once again, this tracking allows casinos to take a closer look at which comps would suit you and your playing style best. There’s no point in being rewarded if it’s not to your taste.

No matter how you choose to play or what you enjoy playing, always be sure that your chosen casino has the best comps and rewards to offer you as you aim to win big.