How to choose the best legal online casino in the US

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on September 6, 2016 in Casino Tips

Legal online casinos in USA lot of people want to join in on the online casino fun but they are scared of what it might mean legally. Nobody ever went to court for enjoying real money gambling at online casinos and living in the US gives you access to several offshore operators with a respectable track record.

A basic legal history of online casinos

In the beginning, before the internet was a factor, there were already laws concerning “online” gambling. The original ‘Wire Act’ of 1961 was designed to stop players from doing cross border sports bets by telephone. Most gambling site owners ignored this Act as they did not think it applied to them. In 2006 this all changed when the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) became a law of the bank of an unrelated security bill. This made it illegal for transfers to take place between banks and gambling sites and because of this, many brands left the market almost instantaneously as their financial main line was cut off. After that the gap was filled by plenty of offshore casino operators.

How offshore casinos work

Offshore casinos provide legal gaming to the US through their licenses which are issued to them by their home country. Small countries such as Antigua, Netherlands, Antilles, and many others approved the licenses to online casinos as larger countries tend to stay away as they are afraid of financial sanctions through their bank sector.

A lot of big brand names have established themselves offshore over the year to be able to offer games to US players.

Individual states have strict control of gambling in their regions so playing games in these areas can be quite tough. Other regions give full access of casinos, betting and poker games to US citizens.

How to legally deposit and withdraw cash 

With all the laws at hand it can be quite a challenge to enjoy legal offshore casinos as it can be quite difficult to deposit money or withdraw your winnings from them. Domestic banks are reluctant to allow direct transactions thanks to the restrictions of the UIGEA which means you’ll require a method to work around it. One of the easiest ways to deposit cash is with your credit card. Depending on the casino you may be refunded any fees you had to pay for the transactions if you spend over a certain amount. Another banking method is always a pre-paid credit card as the brands which work for this do changes regularly. If you consider using a pre-paid credit card, you should always confirm with the site you’re on that they do accept it before making a purchase.

If a credit card is not an option, then you can make use of Money Transfer or Rapid Transfer services instead. Generally, they are controlled by big brands which means these firms will wire cash for a very small fee. This process has two steps to get your money legally wired to a legal online casino site. To start the process, you will need to phone your site to get a tracking number and a name of the individual you will be sending the money to. Then you need to head to your local branch office to deposit the cash. As mentioned before you can ask your online casino operator if they refund the charges for wires of a certain amount.

The Money Transfer and Rapid Transfer services are also available for withdrawals and it is the fastest way to get your money out from casinos. An alternative is to get a Paper Cheque which can take quite a long time to get to you and clear through your bank.

How to choose the right casino for you

When it comes to choosing the right casino for you, you should always check for a few things namely; the trust and length of their service, the range of games available and of course the bonus offers they provide.

It is very important to find a trustworthy casino as it plays a vital role in your enjoyment of your time online. Look for a casino with a few years of service and a good reputation. If a casino has known brand names on offer, then it is already a good sign. Always do research on the site you wish to join to check for any withdrawal issues before you sign up.

As there is a lot of competition between casinos to get players to commit, most offer daily bonuses and other rewards. These bonuses can affect your bankroll greatly which is why you should see which casino has the best bonuses available and how quickly they clear. Checkout all their ongoing offers and promotions as it will affect your daily play and could play a vital part in your online happiness and success.