Grosvenor Casinos welcome Playtech Retail’s Neon casino management system

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on June 4, 2016 IN Industry News

Playtech and Grisvenor casinosOne of the United Kingdom’s biggest casino companies, Grosvenor Casinos, is receiving a new piece of cutting-edge technology thanks to Playtech Retail.

Playtech Retail, a big name in the casino gaming software industry, created the Neon casino management system and has brought the software to the United Kingdom. Playtech Retail has just recently installed this new management system in all 43 of the Genting Casinos across the UK and has now started implementing the Neon system in Grosvenor Casinos.

Once all installations are complete, Playtech Retail will have their software in more than 90% of all casinos across the United Kingdom.

What does the Neon casino management system do?

The Neon casino management system will help casinos such as Grosvenor and Genting take better care of their customers. By tracking and managing customer information and data, these casinos will be able to not only know what their customers want and like, but what they’d prefer not to come into contact with too.

More than just customer data, the Neon casino management system will take care of customer relations, cover important operations such as the cash desk, up security with regards to money laundering, and provide a more secure experience for players.

The software also comes with Neon Analytics, a business intelligence platform which can be customised to suit casinos and their needs. Created using an HTML 5 interface along with the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, Playtech Retail has covered every situation that a casino may need to manage. Considered one of the most technologically-advanced casino management platforms in the world, Grosvenor and its customers will no doubt have a more fluid and positive gaming experience.

Martin Sykes, the Managing Director of Intelligent Gaming Systems (a subsidiary of Playtech), commented on the Neon software stating: “The company is proud to partner with the UK’s largest casino operator and cement their position as the fastest growing supplier of systems to retail casinos.”