Grand Theft Auto Casino update banned in over 50 countries

Published by Daniel on August 9, 2019 in Industry News

GTA Chip Buys BanThe online gambling industry has been making a lot of changes over the past few years to increase entertainment.

With technological advancements, the overlaps between online gambling and online gaming have become possible.

Recently there has been a lot of excitement surrounding Grand Theft Auto V’s Diamond Casino and Resort update.

A groundbreaking update

With the new Diamond Casino & Resort updated for Grand Theft Auto V Online (GTA 5) players will get to enjoy a new experience in-game. The new update will add a whole new dimension of adventure, luxury, speed and gameplay to the world of GTA 5.

Rockstar Games has made player wishes come true by adding a casino to the game where players will be able to enter a casino. Here they will get to visit the casino floor and play games such as roulette, blackjack, three card poker and slot machines.

Apart from the regular card and slot games players also have the opportunity to place bets on inside track horse racing off the casino floor. This is one of the most profitable gambling options available in GTA 5. The only problem is that the online casino chips needed to gamble doesn’t come free. You have to purchase the chips with real money. $50,000 virtual GTA chips can be purchased for about $1.50 in real-world currency. In an effort to prevent overspending players are limited to purchasing $50,000 maximum every 48 minutes which is the equivalent of one in-game day.

Legal Bans

The gambling laws in many countries are quite strict and thus players in over 50 countries have been barred from purchasing chips for the game. Some of the most prominent countries banning players from purchasing chips in-game include China, Greece, Czech Republic, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Sudan, Vietnam, North Korea, Portugal, Poland and Venezuela.

Despite the legal barrier in many countries, the update is still available nationwide in the United Kingdom and the United States. Many players from banned countries have even managed to purchase chips and participate in the gambling activities making use of a VPN. These players are doing it at their own risk.

The GTA Update & Chips

The GTA Chips can be purchased with real money but unlike with online casinos, you can’t convert these chops back to real money. Many argue that with this small detail the game does not break the laws and does not fall under gambling rules. As players can play games but they cannot win or withdraw any real money funds from the game.

The update was released on the 23rd of July 2019 and in its first week managed to shatter records for player numbers making it the biggest day and biggest week in the game’s history. It’s safe to say that the highly anticipated update is favoured and already loved by players across the globe.

With this updated Rockstar Games has managed to breach the barriers between online gaming and gambling industries. This is no tiny feature as it is a milestone to be celebrated for both sectors, a first of its kind. And one hopes to be repeated in the future.