Published by CasinoTopsOnline on July 24, 2015 in Big Winners

Leo Vegas casino big millionaire winnerWho would ever have thought that the combination of a restless and playful puppy plus an iPad could mean the realisation of the dream of a lifetime – becoming an instant multi-millionaire!

What sounds like an impossible dream to some is nothing more than the recent dream-become-reality of Agneta, a 50 year old resident of the beautiful Gothenburg in Sweden, when her peppy pup led to her loading up her brand new Leo Vegas casino account on her iPad and playing the bank breaking Mega Fortune Dreams (provided by industry favourite NetEnt)!

Agneta’s story is the stuff casino legends are made of, she is not a regular casino player who has always chased an elusive big win to hear her tell it: “My only casino experience was from playing a little bit on the Gothenburg ferries so it took quite a while before I understood that I had won. I would have been super happy if I would have won a half a million SEK (€600,000) but now I got so much more!”

Agneta can thank her lucky stars that her son, who was keeping her company at the time, was not risk averse and encouraged her not  cash out her earlier winnings of SEK 3,000 but to rather see where her luck would take her!

As it turns out luck was being a lady and Agneta’s jackpot win eclipsed her SEK 3,000 when a SEK 40 spin unlocked the jackpot vault and she won the Mega Jackpot progressive pay-out on Mega Fortune Dreams. A progressive jackpot worth the staggering sum of SEK 43,054,917 (€4,583,260)!

In the true spirit of a magnanimous winner Agneta is planning of sharing her good fortune with those near and dear to her: “I have two adult sons that will get their share of course. I will also share some with my relatives and spoil them a bit.” But she is not all philanthropy and selfless giving as she continued playfully; “I will probably also be travelling a bit and maybe buy a new car. I don't think I will have problems with finding things to spend it on!”

If this highlights anything it is that you never know when it your turn to be the recipient of a life changing jackpot win, all you have to do is be playing to put yourself in the running.

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