Global Gaming’s Bid to Resume Business in Sweden Rejected

Published by Daniel on July 15, 2019 in Industry News

Global Gaming Appeal Rejected 2019 has been a year of big change for the online gambling industry in many regions.  

Most regions are becoming more lenient towards online gambling but focusing on making it safe for their residents.  

With this in mind gambling regulations are becoming stricter to ensure online operators create a safe and secure gaming environment.  

Restrictions and Licenses Revoked 

The Swedish gambling authorities have drastically tightened their reins on gambling regulations.  

In recent events, Sweden’s gambling inspectorate, Spelinspektionen, has shown that operators who do not abide by the regulations will suffer the consequences.  

Ninja Casino was one of the first to have their gaming license revoked by the gambling inspectorate due to serious shortcomings.  

After having its gambling license revoked in June Ninja Casino’s owned, Global Gaming, placed a bit to resume business in Sweden.

Early last week online gambling operator, Global Gaming, announced that their bid to resume Swedish operations was rejected by an Administrative Court of appeal.  

Global Gaming’s Sweden-facing subsidiary, SafeEnt, had its operational license revoked on the 17th of June. This was due to serious violations in how gambling activities were conducted which included shortcomings in its responsible gambling and anti-money laundering practices.  

Global Gaming then appealed the decision and argued that after discussing the violations discovered with the regulator they took the necessary measures and are now fully compliant with Swedish law. Global Gaming also stated that they were under the impression that they were compliant with local rules and regulations and were unaware of violations until it was pointed out.  

The Next Step 

After having their license revoked Global Gaming brought its appeal for injunctive relief to the Administrative Court of Appeal. In this recent ruling, the court rejected the appeal siding with Spelinspektionen and leaving Global Gaming with no choice but to adhere to the ruling.  

The CEO of Global Gaming, Tobias Fagerlund, said that they were disappointed by the ruling but that he is confident they will succeed at the end of the process. At the current moment, the company is considering options to file an appeal for injunctive relief with the Supreme Administrative Court.  

Spelinspektionen, on the other hand, was pleased by the decisions made by the Administrative Court of Appeal. And stated that the risks for Swedish gambling customers would be great if SafeEnt was allowed to continue conducting gambling activities in the country.  

The Watchful eye of Spelinspektionen 

The revocation of Global Gaming’s subsidiary’s license was one of the most severe punishments handed out by Spelinspektionen in the past few months. Since the new gambling law took effect the gambling regulator has gone to great lengths to find and punish operators who are in violation of the new laws.  

They have issued six and seven-figure fines to eight gambling operators for handling bets for sporting events that included players under the age of 18.  

It is clear the Swedish Gambling Authority is dedicated to cleaning up the online gambling market to create a safe space for Swedish players.