Getting the most from US online casinos during lockdown


Published by CasinoTopsOnline on July 14, 2020 in Casino Tips

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Going out may not be on your plans in the next few weeks, but that doesn’t mean that your fun has to stop. The online casino world, assuming you are resident in a state where you can legally play, is open to you just as before, with plenty of options for trying your luck at the tables or on slots. However you might have a few questions on your mind – is online gambling really just as good as going to the casino itself? Isn’t it more suspicious, or not as good an experience? We don’t think so – and so we’ve decided to put together a few things to help you get into online casinos instead of local ones, or to just enjoy them a bit more than you already do!

Picking from a huge range of slots

Slot machines in US casinos generally come in a much smaller range than online. It’s for practical reasons – you can’t literally build thousands of different kinds of slot machine cabinets for every single customer! However online casinos don’t have these same restrictions and can offer thousands of slot game in every theme. So, you just need to pick a theme, or check out which game offers you the best RTP and get playing!

Great online casino bonuses

Online casinos reward you for just joining, or for playing with them for a longer time! Online casino bonuses are bonuses and freebies which just aren’t available at a land-based casino. Although they might have other perks, such as free snacks, you can’t get free cash, free spins, or even a match bonus or cashback when you play! Online casinos offer just that, and these are deals that you can only find when you play online.

Convenient play on the go

Once you leave the casino if you visit a land-based one, the option to play on the go isn’t available. So say you want to check on your deposit, or take advantage of a cool offer that you got an email about – these aren’t options unless you go back! However, you can play on your own time and at your own pace with mobile apps connected to the casino itself. This means that with an internet connection and an up to date mobile device or tablet, you can play on public transport, while at home in bed, or even just while relaxing in your downtime. No need to make a special trip out to the casino itself with all the fun right at your fingertips.

Live dealers right in your home

We understand you may not yet be convinced. However, we think this might clinch the deal for you. Many online casinos have live casino offerings. This means that a real person is running a table for blackjack, poker, roulette, or another table game that you may find in a casino. You can talk to them and play at the same time, getting you the real casino experience without even having to leave your house. This is a great option when you want to keep playing but prefer to stay in.

Safe and secure

Some people may have a perception of an online casino as being suspicious or fraudulent. But this really isn’t the case. If an online casino is properly licensed, this means that it is answerable to a legislative body that ensures fairness, security, and that they are following the law. All online casinos use SSL technology and store user details and any other information in an extremely secure way. Your money is safe with them when playing, and you can play without any worries. Although land-based casinos are safe and secure too, and take the law very seriously, it’s nice to know that online you can be assured of the same security.

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