Get ready to level up with brand new slots inspired by eSports

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on October 19, 2016 in Industry News

New casino games inspired by eSportsThe beauty of casino games is that there is a wide variety available for people with different preferences. For those who prefer games that require skills, different variants of Blackjack and Poker are available. These are also two of the most popular games played worldwide. However, slot machines have become highly favoured over the years as they require no skill except self-control. 

“GameCo is about to turn the tables with
their brand new venture.”

Last week GameCo announced that they had raised $8.25 million to fund their brand new venture with the help from their various partners. GameCo will soon release skill-based games to casinos like never before. GameCo’s partner from Courtside Ventures, Deepen Parikh said that the new venture presents partners with a unique opportunity to become part of the multi-billion dollar slot machine industry as well as the rapidly growing eSports market.

GameCo’s new venture will make use of the help of a group of highly experienced casino and gaming industry veterans who will participate in the development of the project. The project according to Parikh will give them a strong competitive advantage in a highly regulated industry.

The group spent months discussing the negative impact gambling has had on eSports and are currently looking at the more legal and controlled ways of gambling with competitive gaming. According to GameCo the idea is to add games to the casino that will promote skill instead of being based on luck. The new arcade-style cabinet is called VGM according to the eSports Observer and the first machines will make their way onto the casino floor by 2017. The game is modelled after popular console, PC, and mobile games and will be a single player game that takes about a minute to complete. The new games will still uphold the same casino economics as slot machines.