Get creative with Crystal Crush from Playson

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on December 23, 2018 in New Games

Playson New SlotNo matter how long you’ve been playing online slots there just never seems to be enough options.  

Gaming providers such as Playson are constantly working to bring players more variety and exquisite gaming options.  

Their latest game release, Crystal Crush, is something out of this world that breaks from the norm and provides players with a unique gameplay.

Start crushing crystals for wins 

Crystal Crush is a brand new video slot that takes you away from the barriers of regular reels and paylines. The game powered by Playson looks more like one of the games you will find on social media and has a Candy Crush feel to it.  

Instead of regular reels you can expect to enjoy your gameplay action taking place on a hexagonal grid. Winning combinations are created when you land clusters of 5 or more matching symbols next to one another. You can play the game from as little as 0.25 per spin to a maximum of 100 coins per spin.  

It’s a medium to high variance slot that provides you with the opportunity to win up to 409 times your stake in a single spin. You’ll notice that the spins are quite different as each time you press the button all the symbols disappear from the hexagon and new symbols fill it. Playson managed to create something beautiful and unique by using simplistic small symbols. There are stars, moons, teardrops, clovers and more symbols on the game each awarding different payouts.  

There are about 61 different symbol positons set within this 6-sided shape and each time a cluster win is created new symbols will fill its place and possibly create another winning combination. The soundtrack is soothing and gentle and makes it possible to play the game for hour’s non-stop.  

Bonus features to look forward to 

You’ll notice that for each of the regular symbols on the screen there is a progress bar and each time you fill one you will get bonuses that affect this symbol. All crystallized symbols can be used to fill the progress bar of the corresponding colour symbol. The key is to crush the crystallized symbols by forming a win next to them. The crushed symbols will then become normal symbols and with each third crushed crystallized symbol you will get a new bonus level.  

There are 6 levels of bonus and each award something different:

  • Level 1 – Wins featuring the colour symbol will be subjected to a 2x multiplier boost 
  • Level 2 – You can get up to 3 random symbols of the same colour that will turn into wilds 
  • Level 3 – Your wins with this colour will be subjected to a 3x multiplier boost 
  • Level 4 – Up to 6 random symbols of the same colour can suddenly be turned into wilds 
  • Level 5 – You will receive a 4x multiplier on your wins with the colour symbol of the feature 
  • Level 6 – This is the best level as all the standard and crystal symbols of the same colour become wild and can create massive wins.  

This is the main feature of the slot and can lead to massive wins especially if lady luck is on your side.  

The Crystal Crush slot was released on the 20th of December 2018 and can be found at all Playson powered online casinos.