Gambling Industry Changed by Technology and Digitalisation

Published by Robyn on July 5, 2019 in Industry News

Online Gambling Industry
The world has changed a lot over the past few years thanks to technology.  

With the millennial generation taking over it seems many sectors are starting to embrace technology and digitalisation. The gambling industry is among the many sectors in the economy to do so and gamblers are quite happy about it.

Looking back 

Some more old school folk might argue that change is not always for the better but for the gambling industry it has opened a whole new world.  

In the past, you had to drive quite far to play your favourite card, table or even slot game. Apart from having to take into consideration the time spent on driving there is the cost for an overnight stay and the time waiting for a table or slot game if it was already in use.

Land-based casinos will always remain relevant as they provide a different kind of experience but the digitalisation of the gambling industry has the power to transform it.

A modern way of gambling 

In recent years the gambling industry has embraced the advancements of technology in an effort to keep up with the digital generation.  

And thanks to this smart move online gambling is seeing a rapid increase in popularity. According to the American Gambling Association, 48% of players prefer to play online as it adds to the new trend of things being available from anywhere at any time.  

According to the Association, 24% prefer playing at home or via a mobile device and 6% of them prefer playing online because it enables them to remain anonymous. The latter is another great perk digitalisation brings, it enables gamblers to enjoy the best games in private without the risk of being seen.

Risks for Digital Gambling 

Despite the many benefits of online gambling, there are still many challenges. One of the biggest challenges the industry faces is the requirements of managing a complete technology ecosystem at the point of sale.  

In this digital era, consumers are used to a wide variety of payments options and expect their choice of payment options at new sites. That being said, industry stakeholders need to find a way to keep consumers happy and find payment processing solutions that reduce the cost of acceptance and optimise interchange pricing.  

There are many challenges to improve the customer experience and adequately handle and manage data. At the same time, it can be said that the online gambling industry has successfully managed to implement many changes to increase player entertainment over the past few years.

More to come 

With digitalisation completely changing the gambling industry players can enjoy the very best games from the comfort of their own homes.  

The industry is constantly looking at new ways to improve the customer experience so it’s safe to say the best is yet to come.  

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