Published by CasinoTopsOnline on June 12, 2014 in Industry News

Online Casino Games BannerGone are the days where if you wanted to gamble you had to go to a local casino, bar or underground “hideout”. Now, you can simply pull up Google, type in online casinos and find hundreds of great sites to tickle your fancy. As online casinos have evolved, so have their software platforms.

All you had to do to play was download their free software, deposit some money into your account (“their account”) and take your chances. However, there’s a new trend that’s taking over the antiquated “software” systems; it’s called instant-play gambling and it does not require software to be installed on the user’s pc or mobile device.

Instant-Play Gambling

Instant play gambling is designed in part so that you don’t have to be attached to one computer to gamble. In fact, you could go to your local library and play without ever installing anything (installing software is against their rules).

No longer do you have to install the software, play it until you are done and then uninstall it again; you can just go straight to the website and bet away. For those who hide their gambling from their spouses, now all they have to do is turn off their web history.

However, instant-play is not the only new trend that’s being used. mobile casino gaming is now becoming a hot new trend too.

Mobile Casinos

A few years ago, there wasn’t any support for smartphone or tablet gambling. If you wanted to gamble, you had to have a Windows or Mac computer and you had to download the software. Online casinos have determined that a lot of their users would prefer to play while on-the-go. With the changes in HTML (HTML5), they can now offer full mobile support and their users can continue playing (sometimes without having to even download an app).


The future of online casinos has moved from software based systems and is quickly moving towards instant-play and mobile casino gaming. For those who are sitting back, waiting to see what is happening, they’ll be left behind.

Mobile users are jumping to faster gambling platforms each day and more online casinos are making the switch. Has your favourite online casino made the switch yet …? Check out Bet365 Casino for the best instant-play and mobile casino games!