4 reasons online casinos outrank brick and mortar establishments

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on July 4, 2018 in Industry News

Reasons to Play at Online CasinosIt’s almost impossible to imagine a world where online gambling isn’t an option.  

To think that only a few years ago the only way to get your online gambling fix was through visiting a land based casino.  

Some might argue that online casinos will never fully be able to compete against land based casinos.  

Then there are those that believe online casinos are far better and we’ve found four reasons why it’s impossible not to agree.

Four Reasons to Play at Online Casinos 

Maintaining Control 

When stepping into a brick and mortar casino you are surrounded by flickering neon lights, the familiar and beloved sounds coming from the slot machines, hundreds of other players and of course drinks on the house that never stop coming.  

The problem with this amazing environment is that it makes it so easy to lose control. Whenever you’ve played out your bankroll you can quickly head to the nearest ATM before continuing your gameplay. It’s easy to continuously keep drawing more money and losing it in the machines or on the table games.  

With online casinos however the process is a bit trickier and there are tons of safeguards in place to keep you protected. Most modern online casinos provide you with the opportunity to set your betting limits to ensure you play responsibly without going over. In fact you can even set your loss and wagering limit if you want to be safe rather than sorry.  

Self-Exclusion and Internal Support 

It’s incredibly difficult to walk away from the gambling tables when you’re already in a land based casino. And while the decision is just as hard in terms of online gambling it’s a lot more effective. When it comes to online casino gambling you can’t change your mind about your self-exclusion in a whim. Once you’ve decided to step back from gambling most casinos will ensure you are not allowed back in until the time of your exclusion has run out.  

Some even take it a step further like the Kahnawake licensed casinos where being excluded from one bans you from the rest. It’s never easy to break free from a bad habit or addiction and that extra kick can help us stay strong.  

Safe & Secure Experience 

Where it’s quite easy to get into land based casinos even as an underage minor things aren’t as simple in the online gambling world. The proper online casinos that are fully licensed and regulated will require a lot more than a quick ID check. It might lead to more frustration and paper work at the start but in reality it is to protect players as well as the casino. With the amount of paperwork required it’s much easier to eliminate the dangers of underage gambling and fraud.  

Unlimited Range of Games + RTP 

When you step into a land based casino you are generally limited to the amount of machines and tables on the floor. In the online casino industry there are hundreds of games with new titles being brought out monthly. Each and every game found at an online casino has a theoretical RTP (Return to Player) which is made public and allows players to understand the win/ loss ratio of the game. The benefit is also that RTP percentages are much higher at online casinos than at land based casinos.  

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