Former KSA members disgruntled by lack of change in the online gambling industry of the Netherlands

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on January 5, 2019 in Industry News

KSA Industry NewsIf there’s one thing you can be sure about it’s that there’s always something happening in the world of online gambling.  

The online gambling industry has grown tremendously over the last couple of years and it continues to do so today.  

Unfortunately not all countries are as open to welcoming online casinos as others.  

The Dutch government confronted 

It was late last year when the former chief of the Netherlands’ gambling regulatory body slammed the Dutch government for slow-rolling online gambling reform.

Both Jan Suyver and Henk Kesler left their respective posts as chairman and vice-chairman of the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) last year. New KSA chairman René Jansen and vice-chairman Bernadette van Buchem have been appointed to take their seats.  

After they left, Suyver and Kesler took a moment to reflect on the changes or rather lack of changes that took place in the six years they oversaw the Dutch gambling market. In this moment they noted that the governments urge to prepare for liberalization of the Dutch online gambling market went as far back as 2012. The sad news is that when the two left the KSA the legislation has still not been implemented in the law.  

It was then that Suver placed blame on religiously inclined legislators in parties like the Christian Democratic Appeal and Christian Union. He stated that these legislators have previously blocked passage of the Remote Gambling Bill in the Dutch legislature’s lower house.   

While online gambling remains a complicated matter that is not a reason to not regulate it. Suyver stated that even though numerous parties holds strong views both pro and con online gambling shouldn’t be blocked because of personal beliefs.  

He continued to state that it’s a disgrace that the Netherlands is almost the only country in the European Union that has not moved to regulate online gambling. According to Suyver it is the moral duty of legislators to ensure passage of the Remote Gambling Bill. His main reason for this argument is that it is a way to ensure Dutch punters are protected when taking part in online gambling.  

Kesler much like his former college said that legislators have not delivered what they were promised when they joined the KSA. He continued to say that the SKA lacked the effective tools to deal with online operators serving Dutch punters without local authorization. He like Suyver believes the consumers deserve to be protected and that politicians must give the KSA the means to do so.  

The future of online gambling in the Netherlands 

It’s clear that both Kesler and Suyver were very unhappy with progress made by the KSA when they left. There is no certainty what the future of online gambling holds for players in the Netherlands btu there is still hope.  

The Remote Gambling Bill could still be implemented in this New Year which could provide Dutch punters with the safety they deserve.  

It could also provide a new source of income for the country and more control over online gambling habits.