Published by CasinoTopsOnline on April 23, 2015 in Big Winners

Energy casino big winnerNext time someone tells you to slow down and enjoy the flowers take their advice and you too could be cashing out an amazing €73,142.00!

When Anna from Sweden sat down for a few hours of fun at EnergyCasino, and loaded up her favourite NetEnt slot, Flowers, she could not begin to imagine the amazing wins she was about to experience.

Now Flowers slot is not normally the game you would look too for big jackpots, with its zany sunflowers and fanged delicious monster, not mention its snaggle toothed blue bells, you’d think it's okay for a few fun spins and that’s all. As Anna proved you’d be wrong!

Taking full advantage of Flowers stacked Wilds and Double value symbols she dug deep and turned her €50 seed into a glorious single spin €73,142.00 bouquet of winnings! That is an unbelievable 914x return on a single spin!

Best of all Flowers slot was not a one trick pony for Anna. Prior to spinning her life changing €73,142.00 spin she had already received the following 10 amazing wins (in under 3 hours):

1.    €32 spin, €2,182 jackpot

2.    €80 spin, €3,677 jackpot

3.    €80 spin, €9,657 jackpot

4.    €80 spin, €3,286 jackpot

5.    €80 spin, €1,575 jackpot

6.    €80 spin, €8,580 jackpot

7.    €80 spin, €2,586 jackpot

8.    €80 spin, €2,141 jackpot

9.    €80 spin, €2,505 jackpot

10.    €80 spin, €2,478 jackpot

It might be your time follow in Anna’s footsteps and dive into Flowers online slot. Who knows you could also come up smelling like roses!