Published by CasinoTopsOnline on November 14, 2014 in Casino Tips

Casino BannerWhether you’re new to online gambling or you’ve been an avid player, there are certain rules, terms and conditions and necessary laws that you need to know. Make sure you know exactly what it’s expected of you and your favourite casino for a safe gaming experience with no unwanted surprises.

Gambling laws in your country

It’s important that you know the exact laws and restrictions concerning online gambling in your country. It’s your responsibility to find out what is allowed and what is prohibited by law and to make sure that you comply completely. This includes whether or not online gambling is legal at all and the legal gambling age as this can vary from country to country. That way, no matter what laws may be in place in other countries, you can have the peace of mind that you’re not in danger of potentially being in trouble with the law.

One account per casino

Did you know that you’re only allowed to have one account registered at an online casino? Any time more than one account is linked to the same device, household or IP address, all of the accounts can be frozen. Not only will the multiple accounts be frozen but the casino also holds the right to disable the accounts, all winnings can be withheld and all withdrawals can be cancelled. If there are suspected multiple accounts (in the case where two accounts look similar) the casino may freeze the accounts until investigated further.

Providing verification documents

Casinos need information for their players to be sure that they’re paying out winnings to the correct person and also to be sure that the player is of legal gambling age. While many casinos try to verify these details without the involvement of the player, there may be times when a casino will request verification documents. These documents can include but are not limited to a full driver’s license, identification documents or utility bills. Front and back copies of credit card may also be requested if deposits are made via debit or credit card. Note that the first four and last four digits have to be visible, but the CVC number can be hidden. If the casino does not have documents verifying the information they need they can close the player’s account completely or refuse withdrawals.

Rules about bonuses

Bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos are generally non-redeemable and they cannot be withdrawn as winnings for cash unless specifically stated by the casino. The bonuses issued can only be used for playing and may not be transferred until the relevant wagering requirements have been met. Depending on the casino, the wagering requirements can be multiples of either the bonus or the bonus plus deposit amounts. Many casinos state in their terms and conditions that if a player’s account has pending withdrawals it is not eligible to receive bonuses. Generally online casinos will have a separate terms and conditions section dedicated to bonuses. Always be sure to study these rules if you’re planning to make use of any bonuses or promotions to avoid disappointment or potentially having your account suspended.

Dormant accounts

Different casinos have their own time periods in which they consider an account that has not been logged into, dormant. For some that period is only 180 days while others are more lenient and will only take action after 6 months. The repercussions of not logging in are generally having your account suspended. Most casinos will attempt to contact the player, especially if that account holds a balance. If no attempt to use the account is then made, the balance is removed. Many casinos state that if they are found to be incorrect in closing the account, they will gladly refund the balance back to its rightful owner. Again, always read those terms and conditions. It may just save you both effort and frustration.