Published by CasinoTopsOnline on September 25, 2014 IN Industry News

Gambling SuperstitionsIt’s a well-known fact that gamblers, whether at an online casino or sitting at a live casino, can be outrageously superstitious. There’s nothing too crazy or silly that many gamblers wouldn’t do if it meant winning that jackpot or being dealt the perfect hand.

What’s the point of these seemingly ridiculous beliefs? According to a study by the University of Cambridge’s psychology department, gamblers cling to luck and superstitions to give themselves the “illusion of control”. Illusion or not, gambling superstitions are very real to some players and if it means that they’re one step closer to winning, what’s the harm in trying, right?

We take a closer look at what some of these superstitions are, what they really mean and from where they originate.

Beginner’s luck

You may have heard the phrase “beginner’s luck” when playing a game of any sort in the past. Many gamblers thoroughly believe that playing a game, any game for that matter, for the very first time brings luck - how long that luck is meant to last exactly, no one can say for sure.

Bad dog

A rather famous and long-standing superstition is that having a dog anywhere near the casino table you’re playing at is bad luck. The reason for this is not known but many gamblers will refuse to play at all if a dog is near their particular table. If you’re playing in the comfort of your home in an online casino, you may need to lock Fido or Fifi away for the evening. 

Lady in red

A common superstition is that the colour red is lucky. In fact our favourite colour is red. Often you’ll find casinos with the word “red” in their branding such as 32Red Casino or RedBet Casino. This superstition originates from China where many Chinese players will wear red underwear when gambling to coax a little extra luck their way. The colour red is a sign of prosperity and that’s another reason it is seen as lucky.

Steer clear of books

Another popular superstition originating from China is that you shouldn’t mention having read a book. In fact not referring or speaking about books in any way is preferred. Why the aversion to books? The reason seems to be that it’s not the books themselves that are bad luck but that the Chinese word for “book” sounds very similar to the word for “lose”. Rather safe than sorry!

Don’t spill the salt

This very common and prevalent superstition is possibly one of the most important to gamblers. No matter how lucky you may be feeling, if you’ve spilled salt, your luck is done. This originates from the Roman times when salt was very valuable. It’s considered bad luck to spill salt as that’s a surefire way of angering the spirits of fortune and good will.