Fifty-two new casino licenses added in Cambodia in 2018

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on January 8, 2019 in Industry News

Cambodia Licence NewsOne of the greatest (and most daunting) facts about the online casino industry is that nothing remains the same for very long. 

Around the world, new laws are passed, online casinos come and go, and many changes are made every day. Each week or each month, something new is happening in the world of online gambling and 2018 was no different.

The Cambodian market was one that underwent a few drastic changes and the future seems to be an exciting one for those who want to spend their cash at a casino in this region!  

Development of the gaming sector 

Laws surrounding gambling in Cambodia are strange and can often cause confusion. 

Due to the Law on Suppression of Gambling in 1996, gambling by the citizens of the region is illegal. Those who are caught can face serious consequences and punishments. It could even lead to imprisonment depending on the extent of the offence. 

However, rules differ for those who are visiting Cambodia as tourists. Of the many casinos available, tourists are able to spend their hard-earned cash with ease. It's a popular pass time in Cambodia and it's only about to get more prominent thanks to the new licenses that have just been released into the industry. 

In order to keep gambling debts, poverty, and crime to an absolute minimum, Cambodia has not opened up the market to citizens but they're still happy to embrace the profits that can be brought in from those outside of the country.  

Gambling in Sihanoukville 

The region of Sihanoukville is one of the most popular in Cambodia and houses more than half of the casinos available to tourists. 

The number of casino licenses available in Cambodia skyrocketed from 98 in 2017 to a whopping 150 at the start of 2019! A massive 88 of those are available in Sihanoukville, making it the number one casino spot in the country.  

It's expected that many of the new licenses that have been issued could lead to online gambling sites that will stream games live from the tables to other countries, in particular, to China! 

While some have voiced their concern about this possibility and are even fighting back against the influx of Chinese companies investing in the Cambodian gambling sector, others are simply looking at the potential profits. 

Profits and positives 

As with any expansion of any sector, there are many positives, of which Cambodia will enjoy many. 

Not only will citizens be hired to build the many new casinos that will soon pop up, but there will also be those that work in the casinos themselves. 

Other than that, the government can look forward to big spikes in tax numbers, even more so than in 2018. While the numbers for 2018 haven't yet been released, it's estimated that a massive $56 million was brought in by casinos throughout the year.  

Thanks to the addition of 52 new licenses and the profits they'll bring in, 2019 will provide even more tax boosts to those in power.