Facebook: An impressive tool for online casinos and their customers

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on October 28, 2016 IN Industry News

Facebook for online casinosSocial media has become quite a powerful tool when it comes to promoting products and services. When used the correct way, social media could generate a lot of organic publicity without you having to pay a cent. Online gambling operators sometimes make use of social media to expand their customer base.

"More and more online casinos encourage players
to sign up via their Facebook accounts."

A matter of convenience

One of the first online casinos to make use of this tool was BETAT Casino and the benefits are already proving to be highly rewarding. One of the biggest tasks any online casino has is to convince the customer to join their team and thanks to Facebook registration players are more likely to give it a go as it saves them a lot of time and extra effort. 

The beautiful thing about being present online is that satisfied players will often share your page, events or info resulting in more organic marketing. That way you get exposure and plenty of sign-ups from one simple action and the best part is that it doesn’t cost you a penny extra.

Privacy concerns and Facebook

Many gamblers prefer to keep their hobbies private which is why social network accounts could cause some concerns. The choice between convenience and extra privacy ultimately remains with the player and thus far most players have opted for convenience. 

Social media sites such as Facebook can be a great source for new players and free marketing for online casinos when used correctly.