Everything you need to know about gambling from your Android device

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on June 9, 2016 in Casino Tips

Best Android mobile gamblingThe Android operating system has climbed its way to the top of many mobile categories. As one of the dominant operating systems on the market, Android appeals to many mobile users for it’s easy to use interface, affordable range of phones, and full support of just about any software. While iPhones once took the number one spot as the most popular mobile operating system, Android now has 80% of the market share putting it on top. 

The popularity of Android phones means that more and more online casinos who also have mobile offerings are learning to cater specifically for this mobile operating system. It’s extremely important that all mobile operating systems are catered for. 

We want to make sure that you choose the right Android-friendly mobile casino to suit your needs. Which games are you going to have the opportunity to play, which work best on mobiles, and which mobile casinos are the best for you based on your location? Find out all you need to know below.

Android Casino Options: Download vs Instant Play

One of the great things about Android phones is that most of the latest releases support up to date technology such as HTML5 and Flash. Thankfully this means that you have the choice to frequent mobile casinos that offer instant play games. Perfect for playing across more than one Android device, such as tablets, instant play casino games let you quickly and easily try new games without having to commit to a download.

Downloadable casino games are also an option for Android users. Many punters prefer download casinos to instant play casinos due to the extra features that are often available. Often times downloaded casino software has a more stable connection which means less chance of losing your current game too. Downloading casino software on your phone can mean taking up valuable storage space that you may not want to waste, but having the full casino, lobby, and cashier already downloaded could mean a smoother gaming experience.

Casino Games for Your Android

Modern Android phones are equipped with the most sophisticated technology. This means you have access to just about any casino game that has been built for mobile users. Of course, there are some casino games that are better optimised for Android phones than others.

Video slots: Casino slots tend to be the most popular choice for Android phones and when built with Android in mind, these games are nothing short of spectacular! Perfect for playing in landscape mode, slots offer loads of different themes, game experiences and bonus offers.

You may need to wait for bonus or special feature rounds to load as they are designed differently and can even have specially-built features that require a little extra loading. The wait will definitely be worth it as new video slots are often built with mobile users in mind and this means excitement all the way! Filled with impressive graphics, great sound effects, and innovative gameplay, slots are the perfect addition to any Android user’s must-play games.

Table games: Of course, slots aren’t the only mobile casino option. There are many casino software creators that have added table games to their catalogues of casino games. Table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Caribbean Stud are all on offer, but unfortunately not all table games are created equally. Just how well these table games will perform on your mobile depends on how well they’ve been optimised by the software provider. Table games are far more enjoyable on larger mobile devices, such as tablets, in landscape mode.

More choices: Games such as video poker and bingo are perfectly designed for mobile devices and many of them are already optimised for Android users. The more casual casino game offerings are also available. Games such as scratch cards and Keno are perfect for Android smartphones.

How to Choose the Perfect Android Casino

There are many important factors to keep in mind when choosing the perfect Android casino for you.

  1. Location: The first issue to deal with is whether or not the casino you’d like to try is available in your country. Be sure to check out your chosen casino’s terms and conditions for more information. If you’re not able to play at that particular casino, don’t be discouraged, just keep looking for the perfect mobile casino fit.
  2. Download vs instant play: It’s important that you choose a mobile casino which fits your preferences. If you’re a fan of downloading casino software to your mobile, then be sure to find one that caters to what you like. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You may just enjoy the experience!
  3. Welcome offers: Many casinos offer welcome bonuses specifically aimed at mobile users. Find a mobile casino that offers you the best bonuses and promotions!
  4. Reputation: When dealing with anyone that requires you to spend real money, reputation is important. Do your research and be sure to read reviews of the mobile casinos you’re considering. If there are too many negative comments, rather be safe than sorry and move on to your next choice.