EveryMatrix launches in-house Spearhead Studios


Published by Daniel Hardman on December 01, 2019 in Industry News

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The year might be nearing its end but the online gaming industry is still running at full speed.  

2019 has been a busy and innovative year for the industry with many interesting new developments.  

EveryMatrix just added their own twist to the year by announcing the launch of their very own games studio.

New ventures for EveryMatrix 

Late November EveryMatrix announced that they will be launching their very own games studio. The new game studio will be made up of the team that was let go by the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) earlier this year.  

Unfortunately GiG Games was closed in September and as a result 25 staff members had to be let go. While this was a loss for GiG it was definitely a blessing for EveryMatrix who scooped up the staff for their very own studio.  

The game studio dubbed Spearhead Studios will be based in Marbella and will be led by Mathias Larsson, the former Managing Director of GiG Games. Larsson has over a decade of management experience within the iGaming industry working for well-established gaming companies.  

With a fully staffed team Spearhead Studios has in-house capabilities that consist of game concept design, JavaScript game development, digital artist production, animation, UI/X design, audio production, gameplay testing/QA, certification and localisation.  

A word from Group Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder 

Commenting on the launch of Spearhead Studios, Ebbe Groes, said that EveryMatrix is an established B2B brand and entering the game development sector is something they’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. Groes went further saying that having a creative gaming studio led by a brilliant executive such as Mathias Larsson will set EvveryMatrix apart in the competitive industry. He stated that they are confident that this combination will serve their clients and partners well.  

In addition Groes said that the background for this acquisition is the tremendous success of their CasinoEngine product. Which has strong synergies with Spearhead but that they will also keep the studio activity highly independent.  

According to Groes they want Spearhead Studios to win market share on its own merits while staying true to their principles of full transparency and maximum coverage in the CasinoEngine.  

A Word from the Managing Director of Spearhead Studios 

The man of the hour, Mathias Larsson also commented saying he is extremely excited to play a part in the launch of Spearhead Studio and continue the work they’ve already started. Larsson continued boasting they have a very talented and highly skilled team which will prove successful over the years to come. According to Larsson being part of a thriving company such as EveryMatrix will only strengthen their offering to the market and help Spearhead reach a bigger audience.  

The Spearhead Studios team previously created a Book of Souls slot which was played for over 20 million game rounds in the first 10 months post-launch. Future plans for the next period will include finishing a variety of video slots projects and releasing table games such as Roulette and Blackjack.

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