Published by CasinoTopsOnline on January 16, 2015

EnergyCasino StoreIf you’re looking to be entertained, win big and then walk away with more than just money in your pocket, then EnergyCasino has the unique rewards system you’ll love. 

Located, licensed and regulated by the European Union member state of Malta, EnergyCasino offers a wide range of games by world-famed game providers such as Net Entertainment and Microgaming

They also offer world-famous brands at their EnergyShop, but you won’t have to spend your hard-earned cash.

Every time you play for real money at EnergyCasino, you earn EnergyPoints which can then be exchanged for your dream items. 

Take a look at the EnergyCasino and EnergyShop promotions on offer:

Cash Exchange

If you’re looking to get money in the bank then you can choose to exchange your EnergyPoints for cash at the click of a button. Every 100 EnergyPoints can be exchanged for €1.

Earning EnergyPoints is as simple as placing a bet when playing at EnergyCasino. While each game generates the EnergyPoints you earn at a different rate, that rate is expressed as a percentage of your bet. 


Use your EnergyPoints to purchase an EnergyCasino branded T-shirt and let everyone know which casino you love the most. You may have a hard time choosing only one of these tees.

These T-shirts are available in classic black or printed with awesome designs like ‘Slot Machine’, ‘King’ and ‘Winner’. Made from the very best cotton, EnergyCasino’s tees are all about maximum comfort.

Zippo Lighters

Whether you’re a smoker or not, we all know Zippo Lighters are cool. They’re stylish and made of the highest quality materials, which makes this lighter one of the best in the world. 

You can use your hard-earned EnergyPoints to purchase an engraved Zippo set that includes an original Zippo lighter (model z200), original Zippo lighter fluid, extra Zippo flints and a beautiful Zippo decorative box. Whether you keep it for yourself or give to a friend as a gift, you won’t regret purchasing a Zippo.

Bluetooth Speakers

Who doesn’t love to listen to music on the go? Whether you’re moving around the house, sitting by the pool or spending time at the beach, having the perfect tunes to accompany you is always great. EnergyShop has a high-quality bluetooth speaker on offer for you to purchase with your EnergyPoints. This Creative Lab Airwave bluetooth speaker integrates seamlessly with any smart device using NFC (Near Field Communications). It also has an impressive 12-hour battery when fully charged.


Any frequent traveler will tell you that whether or not you find yourself packing up your possessions often or not, a sturdy suitcase is important. Now you can spend your EnergyPoints on this nifty EnergyCasino-branded suitcase made by world-leading luggage provider - American Tourister. Known for being light and sturdy, what more could you ask for in a piece of luggage? 


Who doesn’t love a great pair of sunglasses? It’s been said that your sunglasses can either make or break your outfit. And if you’re looking for stylish sunglasses with the most impressive track record, Ray-Bans are definitely a winner. Use your EnergyPoints to purchase a pair of Ray-Bans made of only the best quality materials. Your eyes will thank you.


A fun game of darts is the perfect way to spend an evening indoors. Play with family and friends or practice on your own. Whether you’re playing for fun or placing bets to make a little extra cash while having fun, purchase your next dart board with your EnergyPoints from EnergyCasino. The set you can buy from EnergyShop consists of a dart board and harrows darts. If you’re looking for fun and a high-quality product then you’ve just found it.

Original Swiss Watches

Style, beauty and a timeless classic, you can purchase a truly impressive timepiece by Victorinox with your EnergyPoints. You can be assured that this original Swiss watch will never let you down and you’ll always be on time.

Summer Cruise in Malta

How amazing would it be to pack up for your bags and take a trip to the stunning holiday destination of Malta? Sun, sand and cocktails on the beach - all by using your EnergyPoints to purchase the holiday package! Perfect almost year round makes Malta a pleasure no matter when you decide to start your adventure. This offer includes returns flights, a 7-night stay in a luxury hotel, a luxury cruise around Malta, a visit to the very best tourist attractions with a guide and VP manager assistance. Save up those EnergyPoints and you’ll be enjoying the perfect summer holiday in no time at all.

Tablets and e-readers

If you want to stay connected to the internet while on the move, or just want your favourite ebooks on hand, then there are some amazing tech deals for you at the EnergyShop. From tech-newbie to tech-master there is something for everyone to spend their EnergyPoints on.

If you’re an Android fan, grab the powerful but light 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab 4. Packing 16GB of internal storage, HD video playback and the latest version of Android, this tablet will fulfill your every need.

Love Apple products? Then save up your EnergyPoints and purchase the iPad Air 2. The improved battery life, 9.7 inch multi-touch display and latest version of iOS will be the perfect addition to any tech collection.

If you’re only looking to read and not be connected to the internet every moment of every day then the Kindle Paperwhite 2 is the perfect purchase. Packing enough storage for over 2000 books and an impressive battery life that just doesn’t quit, the Kindle Paperwhite 2 is perfect for reading on the train, plane or anywhere you find yourself with a moment to spare. And you won’t have to weigh down your bag with your favorite book!