Eastern Europe could become the next big online casino market

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on May 2, 2017 IN Industry News

Online casinos in Eastern EuropeAs one of the largest and healthiest online markets in the world, Eastern Europe is gearing up to become the next online casino powerhouse.

A large number of citizens in Eastern Europe are well versed in both casinos and using the internet effectively.

This, among many other reasons, makes them a prime example of what can be achieved by those who already partake in betting on a regular basis.

Growing industry

Thanks to the growth of mobile casinos, the online casino market is growing in leaps and bounds. While most people spend a large amount of time on their mobiles every day, introducing mobile casinos into the mix makes the transition easy.

The European casino market is already large and robust. It hosts approximately half of the world's gambling activity in online and land-based casinos. A healthy 17% of that gambling takes place at top EU online casinos.

Work and play

The social aspect of gambling is already openly accepted by many in Eastern European countries and this is pushing others such as Croatia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic to work even harder to be a part of the online gambling market. In countries such as these, the norm is to play as hard as you work. The balance is a crucial part of their culture and gambling has played a large role in that way of thinking.

How players gamble

An interesting, and for some concerning, aspect to the growth of gambling in Eastern Europe is the fact there is very little disposable income. It's because of this that players are both extremely selective of where they play, but they may also be more reckless as the chance of a big win is more appealing than it may be to those in other countries.

The online gambling market in Eastern Europe is still very young and it has drawn young customers searching for a fun way to make a quick income. These players are searching for an exciting and rewarding experience as they are already versed in everything that the internet has to offer.

Many countries are aiming to change and add laws that regulate online gambling and allow international participation. The varying jurisdictions make this difficult, but if the rules are followed, a boost in online casino offerings may be seen in the near future.

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