Earn big rewards with Club 777 Casino Loyalty Points!

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on June 27, 2016 in Promotions

Loyalty points program at Club 777 casinoIt’s no secret that Club 777 Casino absolutely adores their players which is why they created a fantastic loyalty points program. This program allows you to gain points when you play and those points can later be converted into cash!

How do Club 777 Loyalty Points work?

Whenever you play with Real Money at Club 777 casino you will earn loyalty points. These points are added to your balance when you are done playing the games you love. You can use these loyalty points to buy cash bonuses and you will get more for your points when you spend them on a larger scale. So the more you spend, the bigger your benefits.

For instance, if you spend $20 per slot then you will earn 1 loyalty point but if you wager $200 on the slots you will gain 10 points. You should bear in mind that Club 777 has the right to revoke your loyalty points if at any given time they suspect you of using systems or strategies to abuse the program. 

You should also be aware that low-risk Roulette bets, red/black, odd/even, and low/high do not count for loyalty points. When it comes to slots and video poker, not all double options will earn loyalty points.

How do I level up with loyalty points?

As with any great system, Club 777 allows you to climb higher up the ladder in the loyalty program. You can do this by playing frequently to earn more points. The more points you earn the higher you will climb the loyalty levels and the better your cash bonuses will be.

To reach the second highest ranking loyalty player – a VIP – you will have to collect up to 20,000 points and have deposited up to $3,000 at the casino. And to be the ultimate Loyal player with a VIP Elite status you will have to collect up to 50,000 points and have deposited a minimum of $24,000 at the casino. As one of the VIPs your rewards, cashbacks and bonuses will increase on a massive scale.

How do I use my loyalty points?

If you are wondering how exactly these loyalty points are beneficial for you then let us explain. Each loyalty level has a certain amount of cash bonuses connected to them. You can claim these cash bonuses as you journey towards VIP status. The higher you climb on the loyalty ladder, the higher your bonuses will become.

Club 777 has 7 bonus levels available and depending on your loyalty level you could claim up to $30,000 from your loyalty points! It would be wise to save your points while you are spinning your way to the top.

If you are on the silver level which is the lowest level, you can earn 2 x $10 bonuses which will leave you with 200 points left.

If you manage to earn an extra 500 points before spending those points you can claim a $50 bonus. If you manage to save instead of spend and you reach up to 7000 points you will be able to claim a $250 cash bonus. You will reach Gold Member level by 3000 points. As mentioned earlier, it pays to save and then spend it all at once.

For players who manage to reach Bronze, Silver or Gold you can score up to $5,000 in cash bonuses. VIPs get up to $20,000 in cash bonuses and VIP Elites get a massive $30,000.

How do I claim my loyalty points?

If you are ready to claim your cash bonus or you simply want to see your loyalty balance to date, then all you have to do is visit the cashier at Club 777 Casino and select the ‘My Points’ tab. Here you will see your loyalty level, the total points you need to level up and the total points you’ve earned since you first joined the casino. When you have enough points to claim one of the seven bonuses you can click on ‘Claim’ and your account will be credited with your cash bonus on the spot.

If you ever consider abandoning your account, please make sure that you have claimed and spent all your points as the leftover points will be removed if your account is inactive for three months.

Don’t wait! Start climbing the loyalty ladder today at Club 777 Casino.