Dutch Senates meets to discuss gambling bill and privatization of Holland Casino

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on June 27, 2018 in Industry News

Netherlands Gambling Bill DebateThere’s been plenty of talks and reworking of gambling regulations across the globe. 

Most countries are choosing to have a welcoming approach to the favourite pastime. 

Some however take a little while longer than the rest to get to the point of change. 

New changes in progress

The Dutch Senate will finally start the discussion on several bills that could bring significant change to the nations land based and online gambling industry.

The legislation up for discussion has already been approved by the House of Representatives a few years ago but it’s been a struggle to get the country’s main legislative body to take a look at it. According to the latest news the Senate Committee for Justice and Security were said to debate about the online gambling and Holland casino privatization bills Tuesday 26th of June 2018. 

The discussion taking place was said to cover the discussion on all new changes to the relevant casino bills as well as bring on a debate on a recently penned letter by the Dutch Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker. The letter revealed an agreement that had been reached on an important provision in the country’s Remote Gambling Bill.

Back in 2016 the Dutch House of Representatives approved the Remote Gambling Bill. The bill allows the regulation and liberalization of the Netherlands’ online gambling market. The new bill if approved and implemented will also allow foreign operators to apply for licensing to operate in the Netherlands. 

Unfortunately the legislation can only come into effect as law if it is approved by the Senate. Parts of the discussion has already taken place before the official meeting and it was made known to the House of Representatives that they agreed on the physical presence provision included in the bill. According to the lawmakers’ agreement all gaming and betting companies based in the European Union or the European Economic Area will not be required to establish offices in the Netherlands to operate. While this is good news for those based in Europe any company located outside the EU/EEA will have to find offices within the country if they want to offer their services within the country. 

It might not seem relevant but the physical presence language was considered one of the biggest hurdles for the Remote Gambling Law and now that it has been dealt with a conclusion can be drawn. 

Another pressing matter

The other matter up for discussion includes the privatization of Holland Casino which is currently the state-run operator of all brick and mortar casinos. 

The bill was approved by the Dutch House of Representatives earlier last year and is now up for discussion by the Senate. If approved the Holland Casino’s ownership would be split into fourteen branches. Ten would remain part of the Holland Casino brand while the rest would be sold off separately. 

More news on the decisions regarding the Online Gambling Bill and privatization of Holland Casino will be released as soon as the Senates discussion and decisions have been made public.