Published by CasinoTopsOnline on September 25, 2014 in Big Winners, William Hill Casino

William Hill logoNever before has one man been so happy to hear the word ‘no’ as was the self-proclaimed “data geek” who walked away with a cheque for £1,093,333.33 after Scotland voted against breaking its political ties with Britain.

The businessman, who has opted to remain anonymous, became the individual to place the biggest legal bet in UK history to date by placing a £900,000 wager with the William Hill casino and betting group against Scotland voting ‘Yes’ for independence. Although he had chosen to break the wager into four separate transactions, in the hopes of gaining better odds, he was never in any doubt of the final amount he was going to put down.

With a background in statistics and financials markets he remarked that this was not a wild, impulsive wager but rather a thoroughly researched “investment”. With access to myriads of data sources ranging from polls with local Scots to historical precedents set by similar referendums held in other countries he was positive that the data proved the outcome, and he was right as history will attest.

With the princely sum of nearly £200,000 as the profit from this scientific approach to bet making it certainly does seem to support a case for gambling with your head and not your heart.