Published by CasinoTopsOnline on September 5, 2014 in Industry News

Daniel Colman WSOPAfter winning a staggering $15.3 million, 23-year-old Daniel Colman has displayed one of the most stoic winner’s faces ever seen at the Big One For One Drop tournament. 

Daniel Colman, who not only beat 41 other wealthy businessmen, and some of the best poker players in the world, also managed to win the second highest prize in the charity event’s history. Besides the huge cash prize and platinum bracelet, Colman’s poker face, even after winning, was the talk of the tournament. 

The only time Colman deemed to crack a half-hearted smile was after he was persuaded to pose with the literal pile of cash he was about to take home. The reason for his straight face and lack of winner’s interview? Colman has labeled poker as being “a very dark game” and one that he also stated he has absolutely no interest in promoting. 

The runner up to the Big One For One Drop tournament, Daniel Negreanu spoke about the controversy on his blog, fullcontactpoker.com. Negreanu wrote that after the tournament, Colman told him that he didn’t want to promote something (like poker) that has had a negative effect on people’s lives in his experience. 

Later Colman tweeted that he “misrepresented” himself when he said that poker was a harmful game. The stance he took was that he in fact doesn’t care about poker at all. “I just see it as a distraction to people, just like any sport/TV show/movie. Taking away the focus from things that matter to people’s lives.” An interesting position for someone who is skilled at the game, and has benefited from it both socially and financially.

Colman also wrote a post on the Two Plus Two forum where he stated that he “doesn’t owe poker a single thing” and that even though he has benefited financially from the game, he’s seen the “ugly side” of the poker world. 

“It is not a game” he says “where the pros are always happy and living a fulfilling life.”