Published by CasinoTopsOnline on February 25, 2015 in Industry News

Helix HealthcareOne of the early online gambling pioneers, Mark Rivkin, is once again making waves in the gambling world, but in a way you might not expect.

Mark Rivkin and his brother Andrew originally founded Cryptologic, gaming software that was very successful in the 90’s and which laid the foundation for today’s multi-billion dollar gaming industry. 

The duo started working from their parent’s basement many years ago and were determined to build and expand their ground-breaking technology. Cryptologic led the way in the burgeoning world-wide industry that helped form brands, like InterCasino, that are still up and running today.

It was not an easy ride to the top for these brothers and it took hard work and lots of convincing for investors to want to buy into their dream. Rivkin commented that in those early days starting Cryptologic, investors would say things such as: "It’s interesting what you guys are doing, but nobody is going to trust putting their credit card in over the Internet to spend money, and they’re not going to trust that the software you guys have developed is fair.”  

Many successful years later Mark Rivkin has exited the world of online gambling, yet still deals with it on a daily basis. He runs the Helix Healthcare Group with Jesse Hanson. It is the first innovative health provider of its kind in Canada, and caters specifically for those with mental health, trauma and addiction issues.   

The unique program helps those suffering from not only gambling addiction but substance abuse, prescription drug misuse, porn addiction and any other destructive behaviour to get their lives back on track. 

To ensure the greatest chance of success the Helix Healthcare Group offers over 20 treatments formats to those who embark on the journey recovery and self-rediscovery.

To guide and mentor those seeking new-health, Rivkin has more than 50 professionals on staff with practitioners ranging from psychologists to addiction counsellors to life coaches.