Published by CasinoTopsOnline on January 28, 2016 IN Big Winners

Casumo casino Mega Fortune jackpot winnerIf you’re looking for insane, record-breaking jackpot wins, then look no further than the Mega Fortune video slot. If you’re spinning the reels of your favourite slot, then we’re pretty sure that you’re chasing a big win, because that’s the point, right?

One very lucky Casumo Casino punter had that dream become a reality on the 20th of January 2016 and he definitely didn’t expect it. The 31-year-old Casumo Casino regular from Yorkshire in the UK won a mind-blowing £2,065,627 while playing Mega Fortune!

Not your typical Sunday

After claiming the weekly Mega Fortune bonus on the Friday before his big win, the Casumo Casino punter was now playing Piggy Riches. While making plans like any typical day and heading out of the house, the big winner decided to switch to Mega Fortune Touch from his mobile. Only three spins into his play, the bonus round arrived. The fortunate big winner was excited, but didn’t expect too much. 

When asked how he felt, the punter commented, "I was thinking I might win 50 pounds but when it went all the way to the jackpot I was shocked." That’s right, the jackpot started climbing and just didn’t stop. The punter’s dad was nearby to calm his son and assure him that he was in fact a Mega Fortune jackpot winner! "I was shaking when he said it was true and how much I had won," said the winner.

Spending his winnings

One of the most exciting outcomes of being a big jackpot winner is deciding how you’ll spend your winnings. And with £2,065,627 in your bank account, the possibilities are almost endless! You could purchase a car, pay off debt or go on a once in a lifetime vacation. The Mega Jackpot winner has already made a few big plans with his new fortune. 

"I am going to buy a house, give some to my family and maybe get holiday somewhere," said the punter. He also plans to invest a large amount of the money in housing and focus on what he loves the most – his family, golf, and football.

Will you be next?

The Mega Fortune slot is known for making those who play it exceptionally wealthy. The progressive jackpot available on this slot climbs to massive amount regularly and the more you play, the quicker it will grow. The lucky Casumo Casino winner decided on a whim to play Mega Fortune and it has changed his life forever. And you could be next!

Head on over to Casumo Casino, sign up for an account and soon you could be spinning and winning in no time at all. Play the Mega Fortune video slot at Casumo Casino and perhaps your life will be changed in the blink of an eye too.