Casinos coming to Grand Theft Auto Online

Published by Daniel on June 25, 2019 IN Industry News

News Grand Theft Auto CasinosOver the past few years, there has been a lot of growth and advancements in the online gambling industry.  

The advancements in technology have allowed the unthinkable to take place in the virtual world.  

And now fans of the video game Grand Theft Auto can look forward to the addition of in-game casinos.  

A little backstory 

The online casino industry has surpassed expectations and has even managed to build creations that border on video games.

That being said video games still remain an unstoppable force and Grand Theft Auto Online is among the most played games available online. Grand Theft Auto Online is the multiplayer extension of the massively successful Grand Theft Auto V game that was launched in 2013.  

This online game allows players to take part in competitive game matches or co-op missions as they explore the state of San Andreas. What truly makes this game so successful is the fact that Rockstar keeps adding new content and updates to keep things interesting.  

A Casino for all 

In a recent Twitter announcement, Rockstar Games said that they will finally be fulfilling player’s wishes and add in-game casinos. Casinos have been something many players have been asking for but a tricky addition that needed much consideration. The main thing to take into account is that players have the ability to purchase in-game cash with real money. It seems however that Rockstar has found a solution to let players enter and there will most likely even be the opportunity for them to own and operate their very own casinos.  

There wasn’t much information added to the announcement. Instead, Rockstar Games chose to keep the details to themselves and only tease with a short animated video of casino symbols and icons. Currently, there’s no telling how the casinos will work or if they will serve as another business for players to run. As in Grand Theft Auto online players have the ability to run nightclubs, drug cartels and car dealerships. It is the player’s world after all so anything is possible.  

If Rockstar Games upholds their general standard of implementing Grand Theft Auto Online features shortly after making an announcement, players will soon know more.  

The only thing anyone knows for sure is that the latest addition to Grand Theft Auto Online will include a luxury casino in Vinewood. If you look at the franchise overall you will see that casinos aren’t a new addition entirely, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had casinos where you could play roulette, blackjack, video poker and even slot games. There is hope that Grand Theft Auto Online will include these same games and possibly even more variety.  

Could there be a catch?  

While there is tons of excitement surrounding Grand Theft Auto Online adding casinos many are wondering what the repercussions will be.  

There are a fine line and very strict rules that apply to video games and online gambling. If the game allows players to purchase in-game money with real money and then use it at the casino it could be considered gambling.  

For now, we can only celebrate the small victory of Rockstar Games finally answering player prayers of adding the casino to Grand Theft Auto Online.