Published by CasinoTopsOnline on April 3, 2015 in Industry News

GTA 5 CasinoRockstar Games have created a game that touches on just about every conceivable genre. They have covered everything from illegal street racing to bullying (beating them not being them) to Wild West adventuring and even table tennis! However their most successful franchise is Grand Theft Auto!

Grand Theft Auto V (5) is the first in the series to have a fully supported online multiplayer version – and it is awesome! The latest DLC (downloadable content) came with a new game type called Heist. In Heist games you and a group of cohorts can plan and execute heists at various high value targets in the game world.

There have been whispers of a fully functional online casino area where players can kick back and relax at their favourite table or slot. Now gambling is not new to Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption lets you play poker at several secret locations including a saloon.

In fact GTA 5 single player does have a casino you can visit but the addition of this to the online multiplayer universe opens the door to several interesting options. The internet is rife with speculation regarding betting on cars (perhaps even winning elusive items as casino giveaways) plus the addition of a lottery to the world as well.

With a massive fan base and a spectacular virtual world at their disposal one has to wonder if the marketing division of Rockstar has toyed with the idea of turning their virtual casino into either a micro-transaction social casino, or better yet a real money online casino!